Friday, June 24, 2011

Snooze You Looooooze


This morning I was having a MAJOR motivation meltdown. I had gotten up early and driven back from my parent’s house so that I would have time to go to the gym before work. But when I stopped in at home, Max and Hazel were really hittin’ me up with their puppy faces.


In case you can’t read puppy faces, a direct interpretation would be: “hi mom. I love you. snuggle me. pet me. play with me. give me treats. I love you. do you have treats?”

So as they shot me with their love daggers, I tried to think about how much better I feel after I go to the gym. Sweat = Happiness

But it wasn’t working. The pups and the couch were winning.

So I loaded up my pictures from my mom’s birthday supper, and remembered the BIG ol’ slice of this:

birthday cake 008

DEE-licious GF chocolate cake I enjoyed.

birthday cake 024

The fudgey chocolate layered around a cream cheese “cake ball” center. Each yummy bite.

birthday cake 039

And by the time I had finished drooling on my computer, Max and Hazel had began their fourth nap of the morning.

Motivation Found!

It’s easy to leave the puppies when they’re snoring….mainly because….well….they pass a lot of gas when they sleep.


Thank you guys SO much for the input on my Mom’s birthday cake! I was all set to make the caramel and then realized I was all out of butter Sad smile I had to get creative in my pantry, and made it work.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Sandwich details on Monday! I’m still tweaking the recipe. It’s not quite perfect, but I basically made a large “cake ball” for the center layer.