Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movin’ and Shakin’


Yesterday I posed a very frequent question to GHM facebook friends: Gym or shopping?

It never fails on my day off; I always become torn. I know I need to get my booty off the couch, but shopping always sounds way more fun. BUT I also know that working out is going to make me feel better. So yesterday, after advice from my facebook friends, I chose both!

And thank goodness I chose shopping too! Gap was having a great sale, with an additional 50% off most sale items! I snagged these pants:

in two different colors, for….wait for it….TEN DOLLARS a pop!

And while I did speed walk the entire mall, these were my only purchase. Afterwards, I rode over to the gym for a SUPER sweaty session. I didn’t do much out of the ordinary from my typical routine but I was dripping in sweat!


Because I spent the afternoon running around, supper was a simple salad. Not much to tell. So I thought I would share a few good finds around the interwebs.

Scarf Swap

Jessi from The Concrete Catwalk, along with three other fashion bloggers, is hosting a scarf swap! Basically, you email Jessi your deets and then you’ll be paired up with someone to send a scarf. All the while, someone else is sending you a scarf! As someone who owns well over 20 scarves, I ‘m super excited!!! Click here for more info!


Thank GOODNESS Une Vie Saine shared this on her blog the other day!

My Drunk Kitchen

Hilarious!!! ‘Nuff Said!



It’s like Groupon for Etsy! I’m hooked Winking smile


And last, BUT NOT least

Love this!

Parrish emailed this to me last week and I was dying!!! The Whole Foods in Durham and Chapel Hill have the WORST parking lots!


HAPPY THURSDAY and Happy Birthday to BIL Scotty!!!


Go Scotty, it’s your birthday! Ella’s gonna party like it’s your birthday!