Thursday, June 2, 2011

Home Gym–GHM style


Yesterday on GHM’s facebook page, I posed a simple question. A question that I’m sure you often ask yourself too:


Since I worked on Monday, I had an extra day off this week and so I took Wednesday off. You would think it would be easier to workout on my day’s off, but it’s just the opposite!

My gym is on my way to work, and so I am totally in the habit. I think it’s fair to say that I am honestly in love with the way exercising makes me feel. I love going to the gym. But on my day off, I rarely go in to that part of Durham. Instead I stay south, and often don’t even get in my car.

But I knew I needed exercise. I woke up in a FUNKY mood…that only comes around once a month…and I wanted to shake it. So Plan B: I thought I would go for a quick run. One step outside and…


I quickly realized that wasn’t an option. Not only was it just plain hot, but it was MUUUUUUGGY!

On to Plan C:


SELF Workout Builder!

I found this a few weeks ago, when I was looking for a few new ab exercises to rotate in to my regular routine. I love tear out pages from magazines, but one to two minute videos are AHH-mazing! Easy to follow. Quick to learn.

Plus I didn’t have to drive anywhere.

You just drag videos from the right side, down in to the scroll bar. Then you can play through. And one thing is for sure, I need some heavier weights!

Like most bloggers, I started reading:

sundays! 018

The New Rules of Lifting for Women a little over a month ago. Actually, I started the book when Parrish and I went on this picnic. I’m not strictly following the workout plans, but I have definitely learned a ton! And just in a month, I went from not being able to do any chin-ups, to being able to do FOUR! Plus I have upped my weights in lifting significantly. I hadn’t really thought about needing new weights at home, but yesterday’s workout made that obvious!!

After my SELF workout, I treated myself to my favorite smoothie:

rewads 025

and shopping! I didn’t actually buy anything, but it was still fun to just take my time with no real agenda. And I may or may not have watched three episodes of Cashmere Mafia on Netflix. All in all, a great day off!

So what about you? Do you stay motivated on your day’s off?