Tuesday, June 14, 2011



In the past 6 years, I have changed…A LOT.

Well for one, up until my Celiac diagnosis, I ate a ton of gluten.


And by ate….I mean…drank.


This is how we roll in My Photos by How can we possibly top the past two birthday years? in My Photos by

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I’m not saying that I OVER drank per say. But I was young, in college, and the only responsibility I had at home was a young pup. I worked hard and I partied hard. I had found myself in an amazing group of friends, who truly made a difference in the world around them…

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and had some fun from time to time.  (And apparently really loved PBR)Winking smile

My tummy had certainly seen better days, but I chocked it up to my lifestyle. I was bloated, fatigued, and had tons of headaches – and NOT just after a night of fun.

Fast forward to now, and my life has changed!!

Well, I’m older. Married. Moved. Healthy. Happy. Stable. Mature? I learned you can have fun AND only drink…

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I’m finally at a place where my PTSD doesn’t affect my daily life, and my gluten free diet is just a part of the package. It’s not hard anymore. It’s not easy, but it’s not hard. I don’t drink NEARLY as much, and I certainly wouldn’t waste the calories on PBR, even if I could.


In just a few weeks, I’ll be celebrating three years of being an official gluten hater. And while my gut is definitely happier…not attacking itself and all. I have to say that my diagnosis has benefited me in so many other ways.

I listen to my body. I honor it. I eat for nourishment.

I find joy in exercise and activity, not cake batter ice cream.

My early twenties were amazing. I wouldn’t trade all that fun and those friendships…for all the money in the world. But I am so thankful to be the person that I am now.

Responsible and Thoughtful to my body.

Gluten Free.