Friday, June 3, 2011

Accidental Recipe


Since I had the day off on Wednesday, I took the time and cooked Parrish his favorite meal: these tacos. As a side of sorts, I made a really quick corn salad: one bag frozen corn, one pint grape tomatoes – chopped, a bit of chopped jalapeno, chopped red pepper, cilantro, 1/4 tsp. cumin, and the juice of two limes.

The great thing about corn salad is that you can play around with the ingredients according to your taste preference. Also great – it gets better with time! The longer the flavors meld, the better it is.

And so yesterday when I was struggling with what to pack for lunch, I accidentally came up with something genius!

friiiiday 018

Lime Spiked Quinoa Corn Salad

Basically I just cooked up one serving of quinoa and added ~1 cup of the three day old corn salad.

friiiiday 010

To finish it off, I topped it with the juice of one more lime, and the ever important DOLLOP of 0% FAGE Greek Yogurt.

friiiiday 014

It was actually SUPER filling. I love quinoa almost as much as I love Greek Yogurt!

friiiiday 022

Ways to make this better: Use grilled corn and roasted red pepper for smokiness; Add a bit of feta cheese instead of yogurt; add diced avocado.

Do you additions to quinoa that you love? Please share!!


I am loving your responses to my Home Gym – GHM style post! Who knew there were so many NROWLFW fans! Maybe we should do a book club post Smile



This is the first weekend that I have off and am actually not traveling anywhere since MARCH!!! I have long to-do list…that I haven’t told Parrish about yet Winking smile