Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What’s New–What’s to Come


Did you notice the newness in the comments section?

intense debate

I added Intense Debate! Now we can reply to each other in the comments section! I hated the generic blogger comment platform. I feel like opening up the comments section to replies will only help us!

Have a question about favorite products? Local restaurants? Tips for busy GF mom’s? Now we can all help each other!

The only rule is to keep it respectful. I get my fair share of a**hole emails giving me their attitude about how much I suck, but no reader of this blog is going to get that in the comments section. Yes? Yes! I will delete you…or leave it posted and let my real readers give their opinions!


So what about that mozzarella stick post! That post was by reader request, and I’m looking for more!

What would you like to read about?

I’ve already had a request for a post about eating gluten free on a college student budget. Look for that post later this week!

But what about you? Post requests? Smile


BTW – I have eaten THIS four days in a row, and I am still freakin’ loving it!! I’m wondering if it will be as good with cantaloupe?