Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What’s hidden…


…in Hidden Valley Ranch!

ranch 007

I didn’t discuss this on the blog, but I gave up ranch dressing for Lent. I’m not sure why I kept it a secret….maybe I didn’t think I could do it. But I did! It was hard at first, then I forgot about it, and then in that final week I almost caved SO MANY TIMES.

But there were two things I noticed in my 40 days without Hidden Valley.

1) Salads no longer made my tummy hurt.

I eat HUGE veggie filled, fiber rich salads. And sometimes afterwards my tummy would hurt a little. I chocked it up to the roughage.

2) The small rash on my shin went away.

Ever since the tortilla chip incident, I had developed a tiny DH rash on my left shin. It had stuck around for a bit, but during my 40 days without ranch it went away. Granted, I also visited the doctor and got a cream, but it still went away and didn’t come back.

Now let me say that I did not notice these things right away. In fact, I started eating Hidden Valley again after Lent. And that’s when I really noticed what was happening. Tummy trouble was back and the rash on my shin reappeared.

I had always walked a fine line with Hidden Valley. I had read so many things online:

Sometimes the modified starch is wheat based, sometimes it’ corn; they use shared equipment; some folks have had no issues; others have

but I loved this particular brand so much that I just continued to turn a blind eye. I deemed it inconclusive.

Not anymore.

Conclusion found.

Hidden Valley Ranch is not gluten free.

ranch 008

They admit so themselves. It is not safe to eat. I will not eat it ever again. I promise. ALSO it contains MSG (monosodium glutamate) which is probably why I loved it so much in the first place! Never again!

Phew! That was hard. But it had to be said.

And so yesterday I researched some recipes to make my own ranch. Most contain mayo, which I don’t love. And buttermilk which I hate to buy because I never use it all and it pretty much goes to waste. So I’m working on a few things with greek yogurt. In the meantime:

ranch 009

Wishbone Ranch IS gluten free!

ranch 011

BUT also contains MSG! Which may be why they claim it has a :

ranch 010

Side note: I hate it when companies put this on packaging. It’s like saying we know it was gross before but it’s not as gross now; promise.

So I won’t be buying this dressing often, as it contains MSG. And hopefully I’ll find a homemade ranch dressing I like just as much. But in the mean time, I’m mixing 2 tbsp. of Wishbone with greek yogurt.

So what about you? Do you eat Hidden Valley? Do you even like ranch?


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