Thursday, May 19, 2011

Video Blog–Protein Smoothie


Once again, Hazel woke me up at 6am. Annoyed

What is with this puppy?! I really wanted to sleep until 7 this morning, mainly because I stayed out later than usual last night watching Bridesmaids (SO FUNNY) but also because I have to get up early tomorrow and babysit.

But Hazel had other plans. She needed to potty…and then sniff grass, eat sticks, and bark at seemingly nothing.

So with the extra time, I thought I would do a quick video post of how I make a Green Monster Protein Smoothie. Or so I thought.

The video was quick, but then YouTube took TWO hours to load!! And so even though I had an early morning, I missed my window of opportunity to go to the gym! Luckily I was prepared.

green monster 007

I always tear out exercise pages and save them for when I don’t have time to go to the gym or when my current workout gets old. Plus it helped the time pass while YouTube snailed away.

And now I’m rushed! I have an appointment before work, and I barely had time to shower!! I hate waking up super early and then running out of time. Maybe Hazel should have woken me up at 5am.

Protein Smoothie!

I definitely recommend spinach!! The kale gives it a….grassy undertone. Also, I’m not quite sure why I thought I could turn the camera to show you the full blender Smile

You live and you learn!

Can’t get enough of my quick humor and amazing video skills?

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