Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pig Pen


Last night I posted a question on GHM’s facebook page:

What's more interesting? What's in my gym bag post OR what's in my super overcrowded fridge post?

And…everyone chose fridge.

One look at this mess, and Ina Garten would die!!

fridge 002


1. Ya’ll know I love my FAGE greek yogurt!!

2. Diced rotisserie chicken for added protein in a jiff

3. So…yeah. I don’t know what that is.

4. Booch!!

5. Double Deuce of VERY gluten-nous free homebrew for Parrish from my BIL

6. My treat for the month – Udi’s GF bagels

7. My pile of assorted gluten free breads


8. Half a cantaloupe…that’s three weeks old

9. Berry toppings and mixers for Green Monsters and Isn’t She Lovelies

10. You don’t keep your onion halves in old gelato containers?

11. Tofu pressin’ in my Tofu X-press


12. salad for lunches

13. Spinach for…everything, but especially Green Monsters

14. OLD lettuce for lunches

15. Those dang artichokes!! Wonder if they’re still good?

AND in the door:

Condiment Queen!


Note the distance between my Wishbone gluten free ranch and Parrish’s gluten-y Hidden Valley


*Not pictured: TWO packages of bacon!! 13 eggs from my friend Michael’s ladies. Tons and tons of cheese