Friday, May 13, 2011

A Moment & Rewards


My favorite part about blogging is you.

I love reading your comments, chattin’ with you on email, and getting to meet you in person (Hi Maggie!).

Most folks wonder how I’m always so up-beat about having Celiac Disease. I mean, let’s be honest. Having an auto-immune disease that turns your body against itself, gives you a rash with a side of migraines, and the poops…well, it can be hard. But I remain positive with… Three words: love, understanding, and support.

The love that I get from family and friends. And yes, blog readers are friends.

Understanding that it’s not always easy, but it’s definitely necessary.

Support from my amazing husband Parrish. He’s Italian and he still eats 95% gluten free. He even calls ahead to restaurants without me even asking!!

Love that we get from companies. More and more are beginning to understand and support us! Gluten Free Fruity Pebbles…yep.

Support that I get from other bloggers: gluten and gluten free. New workouts, recipes, puppy cuteness, etc. Blogs are a HUGE resource!

Understanding my health…finally.


It’s been a rough day. Heck, a rough week. My father-in-law had spinal surgery on Thursday, and Parrish has been out of town. Blogger has been down since Wednesday. Hazel has been…challenging. It was just one of those weeks where everything seemed to pile up. And when that happens, it’s nice to just sit down and reflect on the positive…and then tell you guys.


So this afternoon on my way home I decided to reward myself! With Parrish gone, the fridge has been pretty much empty. Last night for supper I ate grits. Plain grits. So I treated myself to a spin around the Whole Foods produce department. Something I RARELY do.

My rewards:

Fresh artichoke!

rewads 011

This is my new food for April (yes, I skipped a month accidentally) I have only eaten artichoke hearts packed in olive oil. Any cooking tips?


rewads 014

These are my new food for May. YES! I have never eaten a beet. It’s true. I’m definitely going to juice one of these babies, but I’d love favorite recipes for these too!

“fancy” okra

rewads 015

I’m not the only one who loves okra.

rewads 016

AND a bouquet of kale that is literally the size of my

rewads 010


And with that I’m off! I’m getting my car inspected and I have to do a quick vacuum before my hubby gets home this afternoon!