Monday, May 9, 2011

I want MORE summer


For weeks at our local farmer’s market, I have been stalking the tables. Between gorgeous heads of lettuce and bouquets of radishes and leeks, I have been searching for my summer favorite.

summer 001


Nothing says summer to me more than local tomatoes. And my wait is over!

Yes, they do sell tomatoes year round at the grocery store, but I would hardly call those round red orbs tomatoes.

summer 010

THESE are tomatoes. Naturally gluten free and bursting with flavor! So last night I dressed them up for supper:

summer 018

Slices of fresh tomato layered with local smoked mozzarella – topped with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic glaze, and slivers of basil from my kitchen planter. Sprinkle with sea salt – Voila!

So simple and SO good.

I can’t wait to make more of my favorite tomato dishes!

Potato Pizza

Tomato Strata

Oh yeah. It’s going to be a delicious summer.



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