Monday, May 2, 2011

GF Mozzarella Sticks–Step by Step


Imagine me standing in my kitchen wearing a slightly low-cut, V-neck sweater. I’m rockin’ a half-apron with my hair pulled back. Shiny smile, sparkly eyes. California coast in the background.


I swear, I can’t make mozzarella sticks without imagining myself as Giada.

Pahma-geeana Re-gianno

There’s just something about this recipe that takes me there. Which is funny, because in reality I was wearing gym shorts and a sweaty t-shirt.

But Giada or not, these little babies are delicious…no matter what you’re wearing Smile

moozarella 025

Gluten Free Mozzarella Sticks

Warning: This is not a recipe that I analyzed and then remixed healthy. This is a totally unhealthy, completely indulgent recipe. Proceed with caution…and moderation…or eat it while in running shorts

Winking smile

FIRST: You’ll need three shallow dishes, filled with

moozarella 005moozarella 006moozarella 008

One- two beaten eggs; Two – GF All Purpose flour & cornstarch; Three- GF breadcrumbs

For the breadcrumbs, I used:

moozarella 004 

equal parts Glutino GF breadcrumbs and Four Sisters and a Brother GF Italian breadcrumbs

NEXT: prep your cheese sticks! I used low-fat mozzarella sticks and cut them in half

moozarella 009

moozarella 010

Now you’re ready to dip!

Start with the egg, and then flour, and then back to egg, and then breadcrumb:

moozarella 011moozarella 012

moozarella 013moozarella 014

Press the stick firmly in the flour and breadcrumb steps, you want FULL coverage. Also, your fingers will get battered. Scrape off every few dips. Do NOT deep fry your fingers! ;)

Once each stick has taken it’s dips, set aside in a dish that will fit in your freezer.

moozarella 015

And after you’ve dipped your whole batch, freeze those babies for at least four hours!

Last step, fry baby fry!

Either in a large pot or a kitchen kettle, pour yourself about four inches of vegetable cooking oil. Heat to ~350 degrees.

I LOVE this little baby too:

moozarella 019

But I have no idea what it’s called?! Little help?

Be sure when you fry them, that you don’t let them sit on the bottom. And keep a close eye. I let mine get golden brown with just the tiniest bit of cheese escaping.

moozarella 020

Tiny Bit.

That ensures that the cheese will do this:

moozarella 030

Super important Smile

And that’s it! Serve it with whatever dips you like! I LOVE honey mustard.

moozarella 029


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