Sunday, May 29, 2011



Happy Memorial Day Friends!!

While I am actually working today, I hope you guys are having a SUPER FUN day…working or not! Smile

Since it’s a special holiday, I thought I would share something with you guys that I think is pretty cool.

It’s called a:



Working in the fair trade industry, I fully understand the true cost of producing American goods in developing countries. And as a North Carolinian, I see all of the old fabric mills and clothing manufacturer buildings sitting empty.

So when a friend facebooked me about Mr. Zach Crain:


and his freakers, I was so excited!

Not only is it an amazing alternative to those cheap, plastic koozies (which sit in a landfill… oh….forever!!) BUT he’s determined to make them in the USA!!

Want to meet the super charming Zach and learn what a freaker is? Watch this video!

and if you feel so inclined, help Zach and his team get production rolling in Troy, NC, by donating to his kickstarter project. And just by donating ONE DOLLAR, you’ll get a freaker. Or you could do ten..or twenty :)

AND you can share Zach and his freakers with your friends! Blog it, facebook it, tweet it!

(Oprah Moment)

In a matter of minutes, you could help him live his dream!

But the clock is ticking! He only has a few days left to meet his goal. And if he doesn’t meet the full goal, he gets nothing!! Cue the wah-wahs.

Do it!

Share it! Freaker on Facebook here!

Who knows, maybe he’ll make a gluten free freaker Winking smile


Back to regular posting tomorrow AND a recipe for white bean cakes that is going to rock your face off!