Wednesday, April 13, 2011

You say tomato, I say Enchilada


I’m not sure about you guys, but I find the easiest type of cuisine to prepare gluten free to be Mexican/Tex-Mex/Southwestern. (Minus this incident) It’s not necessarily the easiest to eat out in a restaurant, but at home…I can make a corn tortilla go far! And until tonight, I had never attempted making enchiladas.


Enter: Frontera Red Chile Enchilada Sauce

This was BY FAR the easiest supper I have made since….eating a bowl of cereal one night last week. I had tacos on my grocery list, but when I saw this on the shelf at Harris Teeter, I quickly changed my mind!

enchilada 013

Easy, Cheesy Enchiladas prepared according to Mr. Rick Bayless on the back of the enchilada sauce package. On the side:

enchilada 011

0% fat Greek yogurt, shredded lettuce with cabbage and carrots, and whipped beans: black beans blended with yogurt

Eat it all together friends. And make two batches if you’re sharing, because you’re gonna want leftovers for lunch.


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Liz said...

Mexican is THE easiest! I make fish tacos with an avocado, lime, corn and tomato salsa that couldn't be any easier to make. I think it's the fact that true Mexican foods use such fresh and natural ingredients. yummmm!