Tuesday, April 5, 2011



…about those cupcakes.

saturday with ella 065

Go ahead and grab your reusable grocery bags and head to the store, because you’re going to want to these right.now.

The cupcakes themselves are pretty straight forward and simple.


Bob’s Red Mill gluten free chocolate cake mix. My bestie and I love this mix. It makes a thick batter, which we piped in to mini cupcake liners. The cake is moist and fluffy, and the taste is more like a bitter dark chocolate than a sugary sweet chocolate.

That being said, this cake can be gross if  you don’t dress it up right. A bitter cake needs a SWEET icing.

Enter caramel.

saturday with ella 047

Follow this recipe. Follow exactly. Email me with questions. Call me. Chat me. Whatever. But make this icing. And top it with sugar in the raw for sparkle.

saturday with ella 058

Sweet. Fluffy. Deep. Caramel-y. Make it, and then give your cupcakes the photo shoot they deserve!

saturday with ella 068

saturday with ella 055

saturday with ella 057


It’s funny that I’m less counting down to my birthday on Friday and MORE counting down to making birthday cake pancakes Smile


Anonymous said...

So tempting!!!!

Anonymous said...

They're sooooo pretty.

Organically Mo said...

I was salivating while looking at the pictures! Nothing like craving a cupcake at 9pm!