Sunday, April 3, 2011


While some of you may be second guessing my choice in pre-race supper food, I’m thinking you’re going to like what I chose for the morning of.

skrimp 006

Someone tweeted about these last week, and I’ll admit that I was skeptical. Luna and Clif bars were both something that I waved goodbye to the day of my Celiac diagnosis. So long, farewell.

Until now.

skrimp 002

Luna now has a few bars that are gluten free! Mint Chocolate Chip being one of them. Be sure to check the upper right corner of the package for the

skrimp 005

gluten free-ness! PLUS the statement of 12 GRAMS OF PROTEIN! Yay-yuh. I was also excited about another statement on the back:

skrimp 008

Say more things like that Luna bar.

Taste-wise, this bar was pretty good. It was very sweet and chocolatey. Which, we all know that I’m a savory gal. But it was a small enough bar that it wasn’t overwhelming.

skrimp 014

The texture was really nice. Not gritty or sticky.

skrimp 009

With chocolate chip crunches! I love crunch Smile


I hope you guys are having a Happy Sunday! I’m enjoying the rest of my time with my bestie, BIL, and Lil’ Gluten Loves Me.

Full recap of the race tomorrow morning AND I’m going to tell you ALL about these:

saturday with ella 068 Here’s a teaser: GLUTEN FREE, chocolate, caramel


DesertHen said...

Yum! I will have to keep my eye out for those Luna bars. Those cupcakes look Wonderful!!

Chandice said...

I've also made the goal to comment more on far I haven't done too well BUT I love your blog so I am starting today. Here. At one of the best gluten free blogs. Your recipes all look amazing, and your humor is the best! PS these look delish and where oh where can I find the blueberry muffin Lara bar?! I haven't seen that one in stores yet but I LOVE the coconut cream pie...mmm! :)

Angie said...

Check out my review on gluten-free bars :)

Ang said...

I had no idea Luna had GF bars! I used to love eating a bar like that before kickboxing and now I can again! :) Thanks for sharing!