Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It’s Crackers? That Nuts!


For a few years now, I have been testing a theory. My theory is that some people have exact opposite taste buds. For example, MOH Alex hates chocolate and peanut butter but loves mint chocolate chip. I am the exact opposite.

Furthering my theory, Redbridge VS New Grist. We all know how I feel about Redbridge (LOVE) and how much I hate New Grist. And I have found from my past polling, that most folks love one or the other. Want to weigh in? Leave your vote here.

So what about crackers?

Admittedly, I’m not crazy about Nut Thins. I certainly don’t hate them…I mean, I’d eat’em. But if I had to choose, I would pick Crunchmaster I first had them at my wedding shower at work. One of my friends had found them at Costco!

You can now find them at most grocery stores…and not in bulk Smile And coming soon, Crunchmaster has two new chips in addition to their oven baked! A few weeks ago, I was sent two boxes to review for the company, and I thought I would share with you guys!

crunchmaster 003

tiny Crisps and larger Multi-grain crackers

My favorite:

crunchmaster 004

The crisps are smaller than other Crunchmaster crackers, and lighter! Super airy with crispy little pockets and crunchy flax.

crunchmaster 008

Perfect for a party or an afternoon snack! And best used for dipping!

crunchmaster 015

And the multi-grain crackers are LARGER!

crunchmaster 018

Crispy, crunchy, and perfect for topping!

crunchmaster 027

Surprisingly, both crackers paired well with pimento cheese Smile

And after a little bit of research, I discovered the best part about these little babies?

crunchmaster 006

A serving of Nut Thins Almond is only 16 crackers for 130 calories and 23g of carbs. Crunchmaster Crisps serving is 30 CRACKERS with only 10 more calories and 3g less of carbs! PLUS Crisps are made with brown rice and Nut Thins are made with white rice.


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Caitlin said...

I'm not a big fan of the nutty airy crackers personally...Mary's Gone Crackers are good but really I tend to prefer crackers that taste a lot like their gluteny equivalents (Glutino, in particular). They aren't nearly as healthy as these ones so it means I eat them less, so sometimes I just use apple slices as crackers!

Thanks for the review, I'll have to check these out.

Marlow said...

Sometimes I use salami as crackers :) I call them meat crackers!

Sarah said...

I haven't had Crunchmaster crackers. They look good!

I hate Nut Thins. So gross. Totally inedible, IMO.

I'm with you on Red Bridge. I had New Grist and it tasted like soda water. No one at our raging party would even drink it. You know something is bad if drunk people don't want it.