Monday, April 4, 2011

5k and CAKE!


This past Saturday I knocked another item off of my 11 in 11 list (here and here), I ran another 5k.

But the best part of this 5k is that it wasn’t about training, pacing, and time. It was in memory of a teacher that taught with my sister. So this 5k was about honoring her and spending time with my bestie, BIL, and Lil’ Gluten Loves Me.

saturday with ella 006

It was a SUPER chilly morning, but we were excited. Even Ella was…

saturday with ella 005

well…I don’t know if she was excited per say, but my bestie packed her snacks. So snacks were exciting!

We ended up doing the entire race together. Ella and I ran ahead at the start, but the majority of the race we were all side by side. We ran mostly through a neighborhood, and with the exception of a few killer hills, I really liked the course. My legs felt strong and my lungs felt ready. At the end, I wanted to keep going. Huge difference from my last race. Going to the gym everyday is paying off. Not only in how my clothes fit, but mostly in how I feel. Strong and ready. I like it!

My favorite part was seeing my bestie cross the finish line.

Ella’s favorite part:

saturday with ella 007 saturday with ella 008saturday with ella 010saturday with ella 012

a never ending post-race fuel pretzel.

saturday with ella 017

Seriously never ending. SERIOUSLY Lil’ Gluten Loves Me!

I didn’t reward myself with pretzels. Instead, I bought myself a cookbook. (This may become a race tradition!)

saturday with ella 028

I think this one may take me a while Smile

saturday with ella 031


Tomorrow, I’m going to tell you about how chocolate and caramel became my new best friends.

saturday with ella 068

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Theresa said...

Well done! I don't know if I could run that far, haha!
Love the idea of starting a cookbook tradition! :)