Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You say Mayo, I say Hummus


Speaking of delicious Udi’s gluten free sandwiches…

friday 016

I made a really, really good one yesterday. I am currently obsessed with the Udi’s whole grain loaf, and keep pushing the limits on how much it can hold.

friday 023

On the ‘wich: (from bottom up) havarti, garlic hummus, spinach, Applegate Farms pepperoni, red onion, red pepper, Applegate Farms chicken breast

ALL smooshed between two pieces of Udi’s whole grain bread! It was a lunch full of big bites, but the flavors melded perfectly. Just enough creaminess and just enough crunch!

I went to Whole Foods yesterday morning and asked for two slices of AF pepperoni and three slices of AF chicken breast. At 20 cents and $1.20, I think it was quite a deal! And yes, the deli staffer may have given me a strange look, but he’ll get used to it because I am DEFINITELY doing that again!


Don’t miss the Akk-cent vlog!! So far the consensus between comments, facebook, twitter, and email is that I do have more of a southern accent that you expected, but not as much as some folks in Georgia :) Opinions needed!!

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Elizabeth said...

You are too funny!!
I don't feed the kids wheat b/c it is glue in the gut and today I scored big on the Udi's. It is on sale at our Publix and I had Whole foods coupons for $1.50 off and a manufactures for another $1.00 off. I bought 6 Udi's products, some bagels and some bread for the kiddos. That came to $1.49 for one of them and $2.50 for each of the others!!!
Did I say your sandwich looked good?
Peace and Raw GF Health,