Sunday, March 27, 2011

What the duck?


Seriously? I think I’m being punished for when I bragged here…and here, because I went from jogging outside in a tech tee and shorts to bundling up and turning the heat back on. And tomorrow…



Me and the pups are spending our day snuggled up and watching movies. Not much cooking going on over here. Breakfast of oats and a lunch of Chex.

So I just have one question for you:


 gluten free 016

or New Grist?

My vote is pretty obvious.

pf redbridge 026

I’m a Redbridge girl. What about you?


Unknown said...

Redbridge. Most definitely.

New Grist tastes terrible to me. Blech.

janieliz19 said...

Redbridge!! Actually, Bard's. But then Redbridge.
I think New Grist tastes a little like rusty pennies.

Unknown said...

New Planet but then Redbridge and Bards to round out my top 3.
I'm not a New Grist fan at all.

Liz said...

love redbridge! #2 fave would be the woodchuck ciders.

Anonymous said...

Ugh to New Grist. I actually tried to return it to the store. We got it when it first came out and I took two swigs and wanted to spit it out. Nobody else liked it, either. Tasted like chemicals and perfume. Same with Bard's.

I've had it more recently and it was better, but still nothing I'd spend money on.

Overall, and mostly because it's cheapest, Redbridge wins.

I like cider, but Woodchuck is WAY too sugary and sweet. That's not what real cider tastes like! Their 802 is pretty good, if I can find it. I also like K - my GF bestie loves Strongbow. Harpoon's gaining prevalence, too.

After I initially went GF I still drank beer. Just couldn't give it up.

Unknown said...

- Oh, that "anonymous" was me, your cousin Michele.

Now, Green's (Belgian) is the ultimate...I was a stout/porter girl before I had to give it up and they're still the only GF dark beer I've found. I look for it when I go to Atlanta, and they're always out of stock!

My friend, a home brewer, made a batch of flaxseed beer for me. "Zombie Girl," with my picture on the front. That was pretty awesome.

DesertHen said...


Melanie ;-) said...

I can't get the Red beer up here yet in Ontario :-( So my vote by default goes to New grist lol

Sidenote though and a warning, I just tried one called La Messagere and 3 out of 3 of us agree it tastes like soysauce...with bubbles. Ugh

Love the blog!