Saturday, March 5, 2011



I really love Saturday mornings. Even when I have to work, which I do today, our early morning schedule is the same. We get up just before the sun rises and walk a leisurely mile with our babies while our neighborhood fills with sunshine. It’s the same routine as every morning, but on Saturdays we get the WHOLE neighborhood to ourselves. No one else is crazy enough to wake up that early.

So after our walk this morning, I was really in the mood for a fresh juice. But being out of spinach and celery, I was worried that this juice would be too sweet.

friday 041

Just sweet enough Smile In the mix: 4 Valencia oranges, 1 cup blueberries, ~1 1/2 cup carrots

friday 044

Look at that foam!! Yum! This juice was clean, bright, and fresh. Perfect for a Saturday morning.


Last night Parrish and I watched the movie 127 hours. Oh. Mah. Goodness. What an amazing, inspiring, beautifully made movie. Although, we did ffwd just a few seconds when he was hard core sawing at his arm.

Happy Saturday!!