Friday, March 18, 2011

Seriously Gluten!? Come on!


So I worked all morning on my Gluten Hates You – Your Top Five Fave GF Products post. I thought I would come home tonight and finish up tagging everyone in the content and then publish.

That was until about 20 minutes ago. When I got glutened.

Grande Multi Grain Chips, purchased unknowingly by my hubby. He and I have grown to love other Grande Chip options, with their Gluten Free label proudly printed on the front.

So when I came home tonight and saw Parrish cooking super, I was super excited. He was busy making chicken tacos, and like a sweetie, he had put out chips and salsa. He knows that I’m always starving when I get home!

So I took a chip, dipped, and popped it in my mouth. THEN I looked at the bag.

Funny…multigrain. I ALWAYS double check anything that says Multigrain.

tacps 002

So I searched the front of the package. Oh Sh*t. There’s no proud Gluten Free stamp on the front.

Flipped it over.

ingredients circled



Well done Grande.

So I stood there with the remnants of the chip still in my mouth, and for an instant I thought about making myself throw up. Realizing that was ludicrous, I promptly sat down on the couch and started crying.

Not my proudest moment friends.

So I cried, for a hot minute. Then I got real with myself and took the pictures to write this post, because in about a half an hour, I’m not going to feel great but I wanted to let you know.

Three years gluten free, and it still gets me! Gluten is a sneaky bastard. That’s all I’m sayin’.



Danielle M. said...

Awwww. :-( It happens to the best of us. I don't know if it helps but I take a stomach enzyme or two when I knowingly accidentally gluten myself. I hope you feel better very soon!

Sam said...

I'm new to being gluten-free and can totally feel your pain. Every day for me is a learning experience. I'm going to be the weird one that takes my own food to an event this weekend and have to politely decline their muffins, sandwiches and cookies. Thanks for your blog... it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there going through similar experiences.

Sam said...

aw, that sucks! Hoping it magically doesn't get you too bad. Ugh... Gluten sucks!

Becky said...

Damn that gluten. Happened to me once with the multigrain tostitos. Drink lots of water and get comfy. Hope you feel better soon.

Heather Tobey said...

You certainly are not alone tonight. I got glutenized also! But, I can't figure out what the heck it was... I am so hungry and achey :( I do hope you feel better soon!
Heather Jean

Gluten Free Jesus Freak said...

Poor you! It's the worst when it happens in your own home... the one place you're certain you're safe. Rest up, watch a few movies, and feel better soon!

Kelly Latour said...

Oh no! I hate the sneak attacks! The peanut butter always gets me....I found out that my father in law sits there with the jar dunking crackers many crumbs hiding inside!
We now have two for my use only!
Feel better!!!!

kj said...

Gluten still gets to me too, when I least expect it. Or if I'm super lazy.

Could you elaborate on this enzyme you took?

Theresa said...

Oh you poor thing! That happened to me on Christmas day, I has cracked pepper rice crackers for the cheese board (selected especially for myself and the coeliac sister) but assumed that they were GF - until I was chewing on one and read the packet! Thankfully I didn't swallow and throughly scrubbed my mouth out so it turned out ok. Phew! But I agree, it's extra awful when gluten sneaks up on you in the comfort of your own home!

Unknown said...

OH my. I know how you feel. I just got glutenized, from canned TOMATOES, and finished the bout on the toilet (without being TMI. :P )

Hate it when that happens.