Monday, March 21, 2011



For the five years that I worked at a health food store, I was only gluten free for one of them. So I would always see mochi on the shelf in the perishable section (right below the Bubbie’s) and I thought nothing of it.

moochi 021

It wasn’t until going gluten free, that I gave it a second glance. I can definitely say that going gluten free has turned me in to a food adventurer. And I’m so glad that it has! Experimenting with new foods is a big part of the fun, and mochi is SUPER fun!

Completely gluten free, when baked mochi puffs up and becomes crunchy on the outside. Made from glutinous rice (not GLUTENOUS) it has a great texture and a nutty flavor. The brand I found at Whole Foods is called Grainaissance.

You basically just cut the “dough” in to small squares:

moochi 022

and then bake for 10-12 minutes.

moochi 027


I love the plain mochi served with a laughing cow, but you could do so much with it! Drizzle with honey – stuff with nut butter – cream cheese and jam – chocolate

AND mochi comes in different flavors; it’s pretty versatile!


I hope you guys had a great weekend! After my scare, I actually bounced back and accomplished a lot! I finally put new flowers in our flower boxes, planted strawberries, and cleaned the house. Parrish put in a new sidewalk in our backyard and put together our new outdoor furniture! Max and Hazel….well..

moochi 008

moochi 015

moochi 014

they worked overtime on napping and snuggling!