Tuesday, March 1, 2011



One of the best parts of writing a blog, besides the wonderful community it creates Winking smile, is the ability to journal and then revisit. This morning I was reflecting on the fact that it’s already March 1st! I can’t believe it. And I wondered what was I doing this time last year.


Reading through my posts, I was taken back through a roller coaster of emotions. It’s a wonder that I survived March 2009.

Between looking for a house to buy, finding a house, and LOSING that house, I should have been done for. This picture says it all:

the news 012

But then add to that, planning my wedding and looking for a wedding dress…eesh. I mean remember the choices?!

bestie sister 028

“Oops, I pooped a bow.”

But thankfully, I did fine THE ONE Thumbs up

bestie sister 039

and it was perfect for me!


And we mailed out our STD’s in March!

1 fine day 017

And I did ALL this, while quitting Diet Coke!!

Reading back through all the posts, it reminded me of what I said to a volunteer last Friday. He was really nervous to start high school, having been home schooled all his life. But now, 6 months in to it, he’s doing GREAT! He loves his classes and has made a ton of friends. I never doubted it for a second; he’s an amazing teen, but I was asking him to remember how nervous he was. Then I asked him to think about how happy he is now. That type of reflection has always served me well. I like to remember how anxious I can get and then remember how it always turns out for the best, even if the road is rocky. It helps me be more confident and feel less worry.

Especially since I’m someone who doesn’t always deal with change very well. Even being gluten free. I can remember telling my closest friends the day of the diagnosis, and crying my eyes out. But then look where I am now. Smile I wouldn’t touch gluten with a ten foot pole!

So, Happy March 1st! And I’m so glad that this March, I’m a happily wedded homeowner. And the only thing I’m “planning” is a super fun vacation in July!


A H said...

This is an awesome post. I love reflection!

Becky said...

This is such a timely post -- I am trying to plan a wedding, sell my house, and train for a half-marathon (that I committed to before I got engaged). It will all work out, I know, but the temptation to worry is great!

Marlow said...

Thanks AC.

Becky- Reading your comment just made me smile! Why do we cram all these BIG life moments in to such a small span of time?! The temptation to worry is great, but also part of the process :) Good luck!!

Sam said...

Ahh thank you for this! I am planning my wedding, we just bought a house (pending inspection), finishing law school, training for a half marathon, moving across the country, and preparing to take the bar in July. So many things, wonderful things, but SO MANY THINGS! I hope a year from now I will look back and smile :)

GF Gidget said...

Cheers to that!

Becky said...

OK, Sam, you make me feel better, you've got more on your plate than me!! Thanks for the good wishes. Yesterday was a good day, mom found a place that will do gluten-free wedding cake (thinking about a bride's cake since doing the whole cake GF will be prohibitively expensive) and a reception venue that can do GF food.