Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gluten Hates You–Your Favorites


First, did you miss this?

Thank you guys so much for supportive, caring, and commiserating emails, blog comments, tweets, and facebook comments. I have to say that that was probably one of the best and worst ingestions of gluten ever.

Worst because I knew it instantly and then had to just…wait. To me, that was WAY worse than just eating, enjoying my meal, and then feeling sick later.

Best because it didn’t hit me that hard. I ended up not eating a single thing for supper and just drinking a ton of water and taking an enzyme.

Who knows if that worked, but I’m so glad I didn’t feel like crap today. I was so afraid of getting a migraine!

Now. Where were we?!


I loved reading your top 5 favorite gluten free foods! There were even a few that I had never heard of! You can keep adding your favorites on this post here, but for now, here is the first Gluten Hates You reader compilation!

Udi’s Bread!! We all love it, and it came out ON TOP with the most votes for favorite!

Tinkyada pasta was not far behind!

Gluten Free Bisquick was in third with the most votes!


Clearly, I love all three, but how about some favorites I have never tried:

Jillian and an anonymous reader both love Trader Joe’s brown rice tortillas. Jillian uses them to make breakfast pizzas! I think we need a guest post on that!

Adrienne loves the Whole Foods brand GF chocolate cupcakes; which I have to admit I have seen in the store but never bought for fear they wouldn’t be good. Thanks for the tip!

There were quite a few Gluten Free All Purpose Flours that were new to me:

KatieKathleen likes Meister's GF flour blend as her go-to GF flour.

Allie has a tie between King Arthur GF and Better Batter.

An Anonymous reader loves Gluten Free Mama Almond or Coconut Flour and thinks it’s the best GF flour hands down!

croquettes 010

We have some quinoa fans! Liz likes the Ancient Harvest brand and Jillian likes Bob’s Red Mill.

My cousin Michele brought up a good point….REDBRIDGE!

And she also finds the Schar brand of GF foods to be reliably good. I’ve never tried any of their brands, so thanks for the tip!

Pam brought up another favorite that definitely makes my top ten: LARA bars! Like me, she always has one in her purse just in case!

Other favorites from the group:

Bolthouse salad dressings

Udi’s bagels (YES PLEASE!)

Namaste pizza dough mix

Aleia’s GF Italian breadcrumbs

Gorilla Munch

Joan’s English muffins

Cassava Chips

Simply Coconut Coffee Creamer (I think we all know how I feel about that!)


Thanks so much to everyone for sharing their Top 5 GF foods! If you’d like to share yours, just comment here! We can do another Gluten Hates You post in the future. In the meantime, I have a lot of new GF brands and products to try!


Kathleen said...

I missed this... I'd love to share my top 5. Recently, I tried Udi's chocolate chip cookies, and they are so good I couldn't believe that they were GF. I love Udi's bagels and bread too. Trader Joe's brown rice noodles come in at #4 because they are yummy and cheap, and I also love Bakery on Main's Extreme Granola. Yum yum!!

Unknown said...

Glad you are feeling ok after the Gluten incident!
Thanks for referencing me on your list! I just picked up a new flavor of Larabar today - Cinnamon Roll! Can't wait to try it.

Marlow said...

Kathleen- Thanks for the list! I'll add it to the next post :)

Pam- That flavors in my top 3!

Anonymous said...

What enzyme do you take after getting glutened? I'm curious.

Michelle said...

Chebe bread!! We love, love, LOVE chebe bread!

Unknown said...

I also love:
Enjoy Life snickerdoodle cookies
Honeyville blanched almond flour
( I make amazing chocolate chip cookies with it )
Pamela's shortbread cookies
Sweet Sin pumpkin muffins
Cookies For Me? mini brownies