Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gluten Hates Me–Favorites


I would say that beyond just general questions and commiseration, the biggest theme in the emails I get from you guys is: “What are your favorite gluten free foods?” And this morning in the shower (where I get all my best ideas) I started compiling a list.

We’ll start with my Top Five, Dream Team, Cream of the Crop, ABSOLUTE Faves

1. Udi’s GF Whole Grain Bread

I know you saw this coming, but I absolutely love it. The texture is amazing. You don’t have to toast it. It holds up to a sandwich. The nutrition facts don’t make me cringe. It doesn’t have a strange taste or lingering after taste. It’s just good dang bread!

Feel free to prepare it like this, this, or this!

2. Tinkyada GF Brown Rice pasta

And it’s not just because that bunny is cute.

The first time I bought this pasta, I thought the packaging was weird. It wasn’t sleek and modern,  but what it was is informative. And true. It’s not mushy, it is consistent, and it’s classic. Parrish rarely notices a difference. It is my go-to pasta, and I absolutely love it! They killed it in this recipe!

3. Kinnikinnick GF Panko Bread Crumbs

These little babies have seriously changed my life! Recipes that I thought I would never be able to make again, are suddenly open! There is absolutely no discernable difference to gluten-y panko, and they make the BEST crispy covering!! Best displayed by the croquettes AND these pork chops!

4. Gluten Free Bisquick

While it’s pretty expensive for that little box, GF Bisquick is da’ bomb! Like panko, it allowed me to make recipes that I didn’t think I would ever be able to have before, like sugar dumplins (recipe click here). PLUS it makes the crispiest waffles. I add just a touch of vanilla to the batter! And who could forget these?!

5. Arrowhead Mills Gluten free Steel Cut Oats

I absolutely LOVE the texture of steel cut oats. Crunchy, nutty, and full of fiber, steel cut oats are my current favorite breakfast. I definitely prefer them to rolled oats. My favorite topping is definitely this one!


So there you have it! Top Five Smile What would be in your top five? Leave a comment and I’ll compile the list!


Anonymous said...

1. Udi's sandwich bread - enough said
2. Trader Joe's Brown Rice Tortillas - easy, yummy, and delicious for wraps or quesadillas
3. Tinkyada brown rice pasta - it totally tastes like the real thing to me now!
4. Gluten Free Mama Almond or Coconut Flour Blends - the best GF flour blend I've found to date, hands down. I use the coconut for sweet dishes and the almond for everything else. You can use it like normal flour, except you just add some xanthum gum
5. Cream Hill Estates Whole Oat Groats - you can order directly from them. I love these for breakfast, blended into smoothies, or to use in any recipe that calls for wheatberries or barley groats!

Great Post! can't wait to try the GF panko!!

Anonymous said...

I'm a serious fan of Udi's Bagels too. Smother one with Nutella and it could almost pass as a donut. (Oh, how I long for a donut...)

Meister's GF flour blend is my go-to GF flour. It hasn't failed me yet.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the list! Great idea!

My Top 5 Gluten Free Products:
1. Gluten Free Bisquick! Love it for pancakes and chicken.
2. Tinkyada brown rice pasta. It tastes like pasta!
3. Gorilla Munch cereal by EnviroKidz Organic. LOVE IT!
4. Larabars. I always have one with me just in case!
5. Pecan Nut-Thins crackers. Great on their own or with a dip


Unknown said...

Ditto on your first two, but I'm going to choose some different gf foods... I love Amy's gf and dairy free balsamic vegetable pizza, Udi's pizza crusts, Aleia's Italian breadcrumbs, Udi's vanilla granola, and Whole Foods chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting. I had to include something with chocolate! Oh and I love wine, but that's naturally gluten free.

Unknown said...

My top 5 gluten free products:

1. Trader Joes Brown Rice Tortillas. Lure them for quesadilla's and breakfast pizza's.

2. Bob's Red Mill Quinoa. I cook a huge batch of it once a week and eat off of it!

3. Cassava Chips. I could eat a whole bag!

4. Simply Coconut Coffee Creamer. Delicious!

Allie said...

My Top 5:

1 - UDI's of course
2 - Tinkyada pasta (also!)
3 - Better Batter OR King Arthur all purpose flour mix (it's a tie)
4 - GF Bisquick!
5 - Joan's English muffins (they're more of a rare treat since they're SO expensive though)

(I'm also newly LOVING Bob's Red Mill GF Quick Oats!)

Michele said...

Fruit of any kind
Coffee with real cream
Most any vegetable

As far as name-brand GF products, Schar's and Glutino are reliable. Items I buy repeatedly buy the most:

Namaste pizza dough mix

...I can't really think of anything else that's a "staple."

Easier to tell you what I don't like: Bob's Red Mill anything and Amy's corn crust pizza.

Liz said...

Udi's bread, Bolthouse salad dressings, Ancient Harvest quinoa pasta, GF Bisquick (I use it for so much!), andddd Boar's Head Ever Roast Chicken. YUM