Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Dates, Welcome to the Family


Why I have waited almost TWENTY.EIGHT.YEARS. to eat dates?!

dates 035

I OFFICIALLY KNOW WHAT ALL THE FUSS IS ABOUT!! Sorry about the all caps, but these little babies are DUH-vine.

Since this was my new food for the month, as per my resolutions (full list: here and here), I went ALL out!

dates 013

Fair Trade Medjoul Dates from Palestine baby! You guys reccomended Medjoul, and I’m so glad you did! And check out the Nutrition Facts:

dates 015


But I have to say I was little bit apprehensive. But my boss told me not to worry. In her words, dates taste like tiny little caramel drops that grow on trees. Indeed boss lady.

I first, tried them plain:

dates 020

dates 022

and discovered that there are PITS inside!?! Holy cow, so glad I found this out before I wrapped them in bacon Smile

dates 045

cause yeah, I did that.

dates 043

Smoky, sweet. Crispy, gooey.

But I’m gonna throw a curveball at you. Bacon wrapped was not my favorite preparation. My friends and family just gasped while reading that, but it’s true. I actually preferred the dates

dates 031

stuffed with a Laughing Cow light and a sliver of almond. Big ups to the reader who suggested the almond!

All in all, dates will be a regular in this household. Oh yes. They are going to become a permanent member of GHM family. I just…I just love them, with my whole heart.


So that wraps it up for this month’s new food! I know, I really waiting till the last minute!

Did you miss the first new food? Read all about QUINOA here!


Unknown said...

I love that you are trying one new food per month!!!

I love dates but avoid them most of the time due to high sugar content. I could polish off a pack of dates or figs in a few days lol

Jeanine - The Baking Beauties said...

Good for you! I tried dates for the first time last week only,so they're new to me too. They aren't a pretty dried fruit, but they do taste pretty good!

lgw said...

I'm so glad you finally tried them. For me, they replace the chocolate I'm kinda addicted to.

Enjoy experimenting with them!

Ms2Mrs..back to Ms said...

hmmmm now you've got me thinking about trying a new food a month too! Glad your 2 new food choices went well!

Liz said...

Oh my goshhhhhhh bacon wrapped dates!!! I want to try this asap!

Unknown said...

You have to put an almond in them and THEN wrap them in bacon and bake 'em! Thats suuuuuuuuuuper yummy. I made like 200+ as appetizers for my wedding. mmmMMMMMMmm!

Theresa said...

Wow, soft cheese, almond and dates? Sounds yummy! I'll have to try it ;)

Michele said...

I had said put the cheese and almond in the date, then wrap in bacon and fry...also a good thing to do with shrimp. Split 'em, put a little herbed cheese, wrap in bacon and fry.