Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Chocolate Covered Me


So back to those nibs.

friday 027

We received a box of samples from Taza at work, to see if we would be interested in carrying their line of Direct Trade chocolate. Imagine my joy when we opened the box and I saw these babies! I LOVE nibs!! Nibs are bits of roasted cacao bean, and in this case they’re then drenched in stone ground chocolate!

friday 026

And they are the perfect addition to yogurt!! (Can you tell I’m currently hooked on Chobani?)

friday 037

If you’ve never tried stone ground chocolate, you really should! It’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried. The texture is grittier, sort of like biting in to chocolate chip cookie dough!

I saw these at Whole Foods too, but I checked their website here and you can also buy them online. I want to get a giant canister because I seriously may put them in everything. ‘Cause…oh yeah

friday 033

they’re gluten free!! Smile