Sunday, February 27, 2011



Today was one of those dreamy days where the temperatures reached the upper 70’s WITHOUT humidity. A dreamy day where you realize you’re wearing a tank top AND flip flops in February. Yes. February.

And so I nixed WARM tea and made my favorite warm weather drink:

SUNday 019

in my favorite warm weather chair!

SUNday 032

GREEN MONSTERS!! My favorite recipe is HERE (and engagement photos!!!)

I promise you, it tastes like an orange sherbet dreamsicle.

SUNday 038

I promise! (And I’m not so sure about the nail polish. I bought it because once it dries, it smells like grape)

I foresee many, many green monsters in my future. And right now, I see an episode of Brothers and Sisters on Netflix. (OFFICIALLY addicted.)


paull said...

I had fried Chicken the other night,She made it with corn chex;s

Anonymous said...

I love your purple nails!

Allie said...

i am incredibly jealous of the weather you are having! I was buried in a fresh foot of snow in VT over the weekend - but got to ski, so that's good - but LONGING for warmth ;)