Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: I Love You Like a Doughnut


I have to admit that when I see the Dunkin’ Donuts commercial for their new heart doughnut that I get a little bit jealous. Not that I want one, I was always a Krispy Kreme girl, but the little frosted hearts are so cute…and it’s like they’re rubbing their gluten in my face.

So when Kinnikinnick emailed me and asked if I would like to review their new Valentine’s Day treat, I was practically giddy with excitement. Take that gluten!

gf 020 

I Red heartCinnamon Apple Donuts

gf 022

These little babies are super moist because they’re made with pureed apple and cinnamon, and then glazed with a light cinnamon sugar and topped with HOT PINK cinnamon icing.

gf 036


The only sad thing about them is that they’re only available until February 28th. So if you like special sweet treats, send your sweetie a hint…or even better, treat yourself!

Best served with hot coffee!

gf 041


Thank you guys so much for your support with my resolutions! It’s my favorite part about blogging, how supportive we are of each other. AND my BIL Scott has already let me know that he’s going to “inspect” my car when I see him on Saturday! Expect a progress report :)


Michelle said...

Oh man - those sure do look good. Would you mind taking a look at the package for me to let me know if they're dairy-free as well? I think those would be a sweet treats for us to share with our kids. Thank you!

JayB said...

Hi Michelle - All Kinnikinnick Donuts are Gluten, Nut, Dairy, Soy Free and Trans Fat Free :)

Jay @ Kinnikinnick

Sarah said...

Umm,yum! Where do I find those donuts?

Anonymous said...

we get the cinn/sugar ones weekly at the store but i just ordered these and another box of the pumpkin as they had some left.. one ?? How do you defrost yours? it seems ours is either boiling hot/or to cold each time and then is hard as a rock after a few minutes.. ?? thanks... stacy

Marlow said...

Hey Jay! Thanks for answering Michelle's question! That's awesome!

Sarah- you have to order that particular flavor online

Anon- I actually received my sample defrosted, and so I never actually froze them. I micro'd them for 30 sec just to get them piping hot.

Allie said...

yum! those look amazing! I want one now! ;)