Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Lazy Baker


There’s a reason that in almost three years of being gluten free, I’ve only managed to come up with a handful of recipes for gluten free baked treats.

I’m a lazy baker.

The thought of adding and mixing all those different flours makes me very sleepy. So I’ve learned to rely on a few really good gluten free mixes, and then make my own…once in a blue moon.

But friends, this is no mix.

saturday 033

But even though these aren’t cookies from a mix, you’re not going to need a recipe.

saturday 058

Gluten Free COOKIE DOUGH from Immaculate Baking Co.- Gluten Free and Dairy Free

As soon as I saw these in Whole Foods, I scooped them up! Before my Celiac Diagnosis, I had tried all their glutenous doughs and loved them.

But in all honestly, I wasn’t expecting them to be THIS good!

saturday 034

Absolutely NO after taste. Soft, chewy…buttery, sweet.

saturday 045

The texture is AMAZING! Moist, rich, just like “soft baked” cookies!

I was only able to make 10 cookies because Parrish immediately popped two dough balls in his mouth! Smile And I’ve already been instructed to buy more!


I’m off to fold laundry and watch ANOTHER episode of Brothers and Sisters. I found the seasons on Netflix and I’m officially hooked! I can’t believe I missed this show?!


GF Gidget said...

I haven't tired those, but we sell them at our store. I'm always leery of pre-made gf treats. Thanks for the recommendation!

Gluten Free Jesus Freak said...

I looooooove these. They're amazing... especially when dipped in milk! Or coconut milk, if you're a non-dairy peep.

Unknown said...

I was thinking of that same series for Netflix too. I watched a bit of season one when it was on TV and liked it. I'm really not into real TV and commercials anymore.
The cookies look great, I'd try them if they make it to southwest Colorado.

Marlow said...

Camper- That's the best thing about Netflix! We even started rewatching LOST. It's ten times better without the commercials :)

Allie said...

yum - that is exactly how I like my texture for cookies -- I'm going to buy these asap! thanks for the reco!