Saturday, February 26, 2011

Do you kombucha?


kombucha 005

My favorite go-to treat: Guava Goddess kombucha

The first time I tried kombucha I thought I might throw up. It was fizzy and murky and WAY too…..floatie. But my second try, with a new flavor, was way better. And I’ll admit, that before the reformulation, I may have like the tiny buzz you would get. But I still LOVE them!

So, do you kombucha?


Chandice said...

I'm a TOTAL Kombucha girl!!! Glad to see there are other crazies out there who love it too. :) One of our favorite things about our annual family Lake Powell trip each summer is that my uncle who owns his own health food store provides unlimited kombucha the whole time! I'm sure it's as expensive as the gas for the house boat. ;)

Michele said...

I'm pretty familiar with it, apparently it's trendy now but back in college (15+ years ago) I had some friends that grew the starter spore and made it fresh. You need to take all those label claims with a grain of salt, though.

Farty Girl said...

agreed. totally miss the buzz. i'd be driving along my PA country roads, downing the booch... then, suddenly... "Wooohooo!!!!" ;)

Elizabeth said...

I don't and won't. Read and hear too many negatives and not enough positives.
Peace and Raw Health,