Tuesday, February 1, 2011

11 in 11: The final six


Thanks so much to everyone for their supportive comments and emails on the first five resolutions! I can tell you that last night Parrish had to remind me to floss and I may have even grumbled a bit on my way to the bathroom, but I did it! Why is flossing so hard? It literally takes 2 minutes.

To start off the final list, I’m going to lay one on you that may shock you. I KNOW this is going to shock my family.

Number Six: make a baby plan

No, I’m not saying have a baby this year, or even next year, but I want to make a plan for having a baby. This may or may not surprise you, but I know my family will  be. For years I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to have kids. I worked at a preschool in college and have always done a random assortment of babysitting. I love kids, but I was always very appreciative of then getting leave the kids and go home. It really wasn’t until after the wedding that I even came to the realization that I wanted to have kids. And in just the past month, I swear I can hear my ovaries ticking.

Number Seven: stop living for my days off


This resolution is a bit more abstract. I guess I just am sick of feeling like I’m “waiting” for my days off to do…anything. Between my full-time job, my morning part-time job, and this blog, I definitely fill the days. But I want to be more present in every day and not only plan activities for my days off. It will take more planning, seeing as how right now I sort of live my work days on auto-pilot, but I think it will be personal growth for me. So I’m willing to try. Any tips?

Number Eight: write more cards


For the past month, I have been writing Thank You cards for all the wonderful people who attended our wedding this past September. And contrary popular belief, I actually love writing thank you cards. So I want to start sending more cards, for birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc.

Our guestbook for the wedding was a calendar, where everyone signed their name on their birthday. So I have about 125 birthdays of the people we care about the most. So I’m making this a priority….I need to buy some stamps.

Number Nine: finish my degree

This is resolution is way past it’s time, but is surrounded with a lot of pain for me. I don’t talk about it on the blog, but in October of 2006 I was finishing up my third to last semester in school. I was getting straight A’s, loving my classes, and felt really focused to make that final push to the end. In the past I had often gotten distracted mid-way through the semester, so I was pretty excited. But on the 24th of that month, a real tragedy occurred, and Parrish and I were witness to a murder/suicide in our neighborhood. We didn’t know the two people, it was just a horrible domestic dispute that ended up in our yard. So I was stepped back from school, and while my professors were understanding, I made the promise to finish my incompletes within the year.

However, post traumatic stress is a very strange thing. Even now, looking back, I don’t think I ever truly realized the effect it had on me. I couldn’t go to crowded places, loud noises made my heart race, and I lived in this warped reality where people could be shot all the time. This is not how I feel now. It honestly took time, and moving out of Wilmington for me to shake the bad ju-ju. But I’m happy to say that I have, and I’m ready to finish…5 years later.

So this summer I will start by taking online classes part-time. And I will continue part-time until I finish. I am going to finish!

Number Ten: Floss!

As stated previously, flossing is hard. But also good. So it’s going to happen…whether I like it or not. I would love any advice on how to make this change stick.

Number Eleven: keep my car clean

If you know me outside of this blog, then chances are, you have taken a peek inside my car. Then you have come to the realization that obviously a pack of rats made a filthy nest in my car, and I am clearly to busy to deal with it.

gf 056

It’s a junk pile…and this is probably the cleanest part. So this past Sunday I cleaned out every nook and cranny, and I am absolutely committed to making this change. (I know my BIL Scott will be happy to know this) Two days out, and it’s amazing how much better having a clean car has made me feel. I feel in control and…well…clean. I can do this!


So there you have it! 11 changes to make in 2011; the first five and now the final six. I make it a point to never resolve anything too restricting, but instead to think of small changes I could make that could impact my daily life. And while a few of these will take effort and time, I feel confident about each and everyone.

Do you like making resolutions?


Ali said...

Love it!

You can & will do this.

I'm excited about these... really excited about a couple announced today! eeeeeeeee!

I'm with you on the flossing. Hate it, but its one of those gotta do things. Glad Parrish is there to remind you. Baxter isn't so good about reminding me. He is very supportive of me going to the bathroom & will join me plopping his pug bum right on the rug every single time I go (no pun intended!).

Gluten Free Jesus Freak said...

My car looks just like that... I'll try to keep it cleaner if you try to keep yours cleaner!

My husband hates flossing, so he finally started flossing while watching 10 minutes of his favorite show at night (usually The West Wing or The Daily Show). That way it's a reward, not a drudgery.

You can do it, lady!

Theresa said...

I know what it's like to have to stop study when awful stuff happens. :( Hopefully you'll be able to finish it all up though!

Love how you've got 11 resolutions! ;)

Jennifer said...

One of my resolutions last year was to floss... and I hated it at first, but I've consistently flossed at least 5 days a week for a while now. If I can do it, you can do it!

Unknown said...

Great list, way to confront the items that you have feared and loathed. I go through phases where work is a chore too but then I also have phases where I really like it. Let me know if you find a better way to make it through the uninspired times.
:o) Good luck on all items!