Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Smart Slice


I hate leaving town with a dirty kitchen. I know some bloggers like to clean out their fridge before going on a trip, but I have way to many condiments for that! Plus, the fridge doesn’t really bother me. What bothers me are the counters, and the stove top, and the sink. I HATE a dirty kitchen.

But I’m also practical. Parrish and I both work full time jobs, and have several part time jobs. PLUS, as I’m sure you guys know, we cook at home almost every single night. Our kitchen is in a constant cycle of clean and dirty.

So when I planned the menu for this week, I was smart! I planned an easy meal for the night before our big trip:

gluten free 014

Virtually NO clean up! PLUS it gave me an excuse to buy this super expensive pizza that’s new to my Whole Foods: Against the Grain Gourmet Pizza. 

I was so excited when I saw this pizza in the freezer case, that I actually squealed…in the aisle….and the staff person giggled at me. But whatever! I LOVE Against the Grain!

Remember the baguette? OH THAT BAGUETTE

gluten free 021

This pizza is ten times better.

Let’s start with the crust.

gluten free 029

Flaky. Buttery. Creamy. Rich. zero aftertaste.

gluten free 034

The sauce is tangy and flavorful. The cheese is salty and DELCIOUS. It is like a baguette had a baby with a croissant and it was a pizza!

So. Good. So. Expensive. ($10.99 eep!!) Totally worth it! PLUS it’s huge. It’s like 4 times the size of a Glutino’s.

Served alongside:

gluten free 048

Sparkly bubbles!

gluten free 045

I really wanted a cocktail, but since I was having pizza I decided to just have seltzer to skip the calories. Compromise Smile


I’m off to pack for a long weekend in the mountains and watch Modern Family!



Stiney said...

Oh man I look at that pizza every time I go into Whole Foods but the price always makes me cringe. I think I might pick one up this weekend though. I mean honestly it's expensive but STILL cheaper than Mellow Mushroom and less work than making my own crust and then topping it. I'm totally buying one. :D

Elizabeth said...

Good for you! I wish they had a dairy free one too for my kiddos!! :(
Peace & Raw Health,

Allie said...

YUM - i love against the grain pizza crust - it's cheesy deliciousness!

i have the same pizza cutter in red! ;)