Friday, January 7, 2011

My Current Love Affair


If you’ve been reading Gluten Hates Me for the past year, then you already know that I’ve been involved in a very serious courtship.

gluten free 020

My suitor has all the traits that I look for when making a serious commitment: warm rice noodles tossed in a slightly tangy sauce, sweet roasted tomatoes, and crunchy cabbage.

Yes friends, I’m talking about PF Chang’s Gluten Free Singapore Street Noodles.

gluten free 010 

I love them, and unlike gluten, each bowl loves me too!

gluten free 018

I was so surprised when my twin brother told me that he didn’t know about their extensive gluten free menu. Truth be told! It’s amazing.

If you don’t live near a PF Chang’s never fear! Camper from Think Outside The Breadbox created her own version of my longtime love, you can find her recipe here.

But I hope you do get to try their gluten free menu. I just think it’s so great that a restaurant make such a HUGE EFFORT to serve their gluten free customers.

And no this isn’t the first time I’ve confessed my love:




and friends, it won’t be the last! Smile


Susanne said...

Aaaaaaaahhhhh! After reading that, I am craving P.F. Changs. I do love their food.

Marlow said...

Susanne- ME TOO!! After writing it I thought, could I have it two nights in a row? I don't think Parrish would go for it.

Unknown said...

On our drive home to Colorado from Maine I scouted every PF Chang's along interstate 70 and Dave was a trooper and let us eat it the whole way across- best cross country trip ever!
thanks Marlow, I'm craving street noodles again now...

janieliz19 said...

Yum, I love those noodles. Though I am equally in love with their gluten free fried rice. Is it easy to make at home? yes. Do I absolutely LOVE theirs anyway? yes!!

P.F. Changs was already my favorite restaurant before becoming gluten free. I feel so lucky that they went gfree!!

sarah (SHU) said...

i always tell our celiac pts about p.f.chang's (and Z pizza in cary!).

i wrote you back on my post, but we aren't going anywhere except for durham until 2013 at the earliest! so many years of restaurant reviews left :)

Michele said...

Singapore noodles is a pretty common dish, found on most any Chinese menu. I was introduced to it years ago from a friend who delivered Chinese, and helped me find something gluten-free on their menu. I've never been to, or ordered from, a Chinese place since that didn't have it. Or, any mei fun dish would work (without soy sauce, of course).