Monday, January 10, 2011

It Takes Time


Saturday morning I woke up hungry. It sounds funny, but this rarely happens. I usually wake up and hop in the shower first thing. I’ll spend about an hour getting ready for work and reading emails and comments before I ever feel a hunger pang.

Lucky for me, Parrish and I have started a new morning routine that has us getting up super early. It’s been nice to have extra time in the morning. Although since this past Tuesday we’ve been filling up the time with our fur family’s latest addition:

gluten free 015

Meet Hazel. Sorry for the blur, she’s a little camera shy. We rescued Hazel this past week from our local shelter. Unfortunately, it wasn’t love at first sight for Max…or Hazel, so we’ve been easing in to it and spending TONS of time training. Hence, the early wake up call.

So even though I woke up early, I still had to wait it out through the potty breaks, puppy breakfasts, and walk time. This gave me plenty of time to plan my own breakfast, and it was certainly worth the wait.

gluten free 010

CLASSIC Gluten Free pancakes with a pad of REAL BUTTER and a moat of Grade B maple syrup.

gluten free 009

I used the last of my box of Gluten Free Bisquick and added a dash of gluten free vanilla extract to the batter. Perfection!

gluten free 002

I LOVE breakfast. It’s definitely my favorite meal of the day.


Speaking of breakfast, I need to finish my bowl of oats and head to work! I hope you guys have a great start to the week! We’re expecting snow here Smile


Susanne said...

Those pancakes look so good. My son would love them. I checked the ingredients expecting that they would contain a lot of random stuff that I can't eat, but nope! So glad these companies are discovering the joys of rice flour. :-)

Anonymous said...

Had these for the first time over the holidays and can confirm that they are *delicious*... Well done, Bisquick.

Kathleen said...

Those look fantastic!