Wednesday, January 26, 2011

EPIC Sledding


Oh Vacation…

ski beech 029

I miss you already.

I LOVE winter vacation. It makes the day after Christmas not seem so bad, honestly! I’m the type of person who loves anticipation! That’s why I hate surprises….well, and also because I’m pretty nosey. But it’s nice to have something to look forward to in between Christmas and my birthday.

Seriously, I LOVE winter vacation.

ski beech 041

And sledding. I LOVE sledding.

ski beech 066

Oh vacation.

We are super lucky, because my Mama Emily and my Papa Jeff have a condo on Beech Mountain, within walking distance of Ski Beech. It’s pretty sweet. We’ve been going up there for a few years, but this was the first year there was snow! (Go figure) So in between games of Monopoly

ski beech 024

and Balderdash

ski beech 055

we did what all the cool people are doing…

ski beech 067


ski beech 018

Icicle Fighting!

ski beech 019

ski beech 007

Can you believe those icicles?

But back to sledding!

ski beech 072

It was epic. And FREE! We were going to all go tubing, but it was 20 bucks each! So we spent $30 total for 3 sleds and spent the day “grinding the slopes”.

ski beech 070ski beech 089

ski beech 079ski beech 080

ski beech 094

It’s pretty amazing how EXHAUSTING sledding can be! And yes, I did squeal every single time I went down!


Happy Birthday to my Bestie JOAN!!!


In case you need some ideas for your birthday wish:

1) You move to Durham

2) You move to Raleigh

3) We move somewhere really cool together

4) Parrish and I move in with you

5) Parrish and I move in beside you



Lori P said...

Haha, love these! Being a NC girl I can totally relate and it looks like you had such fun. Very wise decision on the $30 purchase.

Joe and Angie said...

Your vacation looks like a lot of fun! All that exercise is good for the waistline. :)