Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 what what?!


Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a safe and most importantly HAPPY start to 2011!

NYE 033

Parrish and I had such a fun NYE! We both had the day off of work, and so I was VERY excited to just spend the day together. We had lots of errands to run, and so when I suggested that we eat lunch out, the hubby jumped at the chance. My restaurant of choice definitely surprised him.

My bestie sister had heard the rumor that her local Jason’s Deli was now carrying gluten  free bread. Upon further investigation, it turns out that ALL Jason’s Deli locations are serving gluten free bread!

NYE 001

Their gluten free menu is incredibly EASY to read with tons and tons of options.

And you know the funny thing? It was SO nice to be able to go to a deli that as soon as you walk in SMELLS amazing, and to be able to order something!

NYE 003

I ordered a pretty basic sandwich, without a lot of bells and whistles. I wanted to try their gluten free bread before going all out.

NYE 004

I also ordered a side item of  blue corn tortilla chips and salsa, and it really hit the spot. The salsa was incredibly fresh! I would be amazed if they didn’t make it in house.

NYE 002

LOOK at that spinach! Loaded up, yes please!

This sandwich was DELICIOUS! And huge. They are not skimping on the stuffing over at Jason’s Deli!

I’m so glad I finally went! I can say without a doubt that we will definitely be going back soon!


It’s movie night tonight, and Parrish’s choice - Wall Street 2…this should be interesting Smile


Stiney said...

Oh man I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Jason's Deli. A lot of their potatoes and salads are GF also.

Sam said...

I'm so excited that Jason's has GF bread now! Are they pretty knowledgeable about cross contamination too? Can't wait to try it out!

Marisa said...

Had to try the bread? I thought it was one of your faves! Udi's make the big loaves for Jason's Deli. My hubby was thrilled to be able to order an egg salad sandwich...and a reuben...and everything else!

Stationary Runner said...

That's good news! We have a Jason's Deli near us and I am desperate for other going-out-to-eat options. I just need to check the bread ingredients - I don't eat corn or soy either.

Celeste Jean said...

ditto on corn and soy, also we are dairy free. i am looking forward to taking my family to our local Jason's Deli.

Marlow said...

Marisa- I KNEW IT!!! The whole time I was eating it I thought, this is just like Udi's!! Duh.