Friday, January 28, 2011

11 in 11


Well friends, I have FINALLY finished my list of New Year Resolutions. I know, I know, don’t judge…but I like to take my time. PLUS I don’t look at them so much as resolutions, but more as…new ideas to improve my quality of life.

And being the cornball that I am, I’m making my list “rhyme” in a way, so I’ve given myself 11 slots to fill.

When I finalized the list, I first read it to Parrish. It’s important for me to have support from him if I have any hopes of making any real changes. Approved!

And now I’m very excited to share them with you! But being the tease that I am, we’re going to cover the first 5 tonight and then the last 6 on Monday!

Here goes nothing Smile

Number One: eat one new food a month

gluten free 010

It can’t be PF Chang’s every night!

Being a foodie, I love trying new foods! Being gluten free, can often limit those choices, but it doesn’t eliminate them all. For example, I’ve never eaten quinoa. Shocking I know! Also, I’ve never eaten cottage cheese!! I wish this resolution could be once a week, but our food budget just won’t allow it. So once a month will have to do for now!

Number Two: comment on blogs

As silly as this sounds, I read A TON of blogs. And most of the time, I love each post! I often think comments to the blogger, but I rarely take the two minutes to click over and leave a comment. Which is silly, because as a blogger, I know how much comments mean! I LOVE comments. It makes this feel more like a dialogue and less like a monologue.

Number Three: run a 5k…again

5k 007

You may not remember my first 5k (recap here) but I know that I do better! I was INCREDIBLY unprepared for that race, and while I had fun, I wasn’t breaking any records. So this year I would like to train properly, fuel properly, and give it my best!

Number Four: get exercise daily

Check! I’ve already started this resolution, but I intend to keep it!

Number Five: get a haircut regularly

This is the face of someone who gets her haircut once a year:

April bright and early

I know! It’s hard to believe? Smile

In actuality, I don’t notice it very much. My ends don’t split very quickly because I rarely dry my hair. And I typically wear my hair up. But what I do notice is the WEIGHT of my hair. It is SO thick. So I want to start getting regular hair cuts. Nothing crazy…once every three months should do the trick.


So there you have it! 5 down, 6 to go. And of course I gave you the easiest first. The last 6 are going to require SERIOUS dedication…and your help!


Elizabeth said...

Those sound great--look forward to reading the rest. Give the organic sprouted quinoa from Whole Foods a try--not bitter at all, just wonderful!
Peace & Raw Health,

trishtator said...

Good luck on your resolutions! I love the haircut resolution - because it made a HUGE difference for me. I used to wear my thick hair up almost all the time. When I got it cut and thinned, it's like I was a new person! I hope you love that one :)

Theresa said...

I'm with you on number two! So I thought I'd comment ;P

Love the new food idea! The thing I discovered is that you have to rinse quinoa before cooking it because it's got a natural pesticide coating. Wash all that stuff off and it's not bitter at all!

Becky said...

Hey, I read your blog all the time and love it, so I thought I would adopt your resolution and comment! Thanks for all the great gluten-free ideas and for having a sense of humor about it!

Marlow said...

Elizabeth- Thanks for the tip! See, I didn't even know it could be bitter!!

Trish- I know! It seems silly, but everytime I get my hair cut I'm always amazed by how much better I feel

Theresa- Thanks :)

Becky- Awww thanks! And thanks for commenting. Having a sense of humor about it makes all the difference :)

Michele said...

Ha ha cuz I love ya, but you are not a "foodie" - not yet, anyways. As long as you don't turn into a foochebag. :P

Quinoa tabbuleh is the best! You'll never eat rice again. Try it instead of oatmeal in the morning. Makes hot salads, side dishes, cold's great stuff. I never rinse it. I am vurry lazy.

Anthony Bourdain is always inspiring when it comes to new foods. Me, I like to just hit the library and get whatever looks interesting (cookbook-wise).

Do you have a copy of the Food Lover's Companion? It's great.

I hope to finally start on my resolution and go back to raw for a month.

Stacey said...

I would definitely say Marlow is a foodie! And I'm with Elizabeth, organic is best!

Good luck with your new habits! We're here to support you :)

Joe said...

I'm with Stacey-- defines a foodie as "a person keenly interested in food, esp. in eating or cooking". I would say that you fit the definition perfectly. :)

GF Gidget said...

- I could happily eat the same foods every day of my life.
- I read an obscene amount of blogs, too.
- I'm running my first 5k at the end of February
- I am grumpy when I don't at least have a 30 min dance party in my living room.
- I get make hair cut maybe twice a year.... I'm a slacker...

Dunki said...

Foodie have lived until you have tasted bacon wrapped trout off the atlantic coast of Spain...

Ali said...

Its a new moon, new month, Chinese new year... why not a few new resolutions!

I just started a couple myself!

declutter, meditate & walk more.

GO girl! I know you can do this... especially with those supportive dogs & hubby!