Monday, December 27, 2010

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all was GF


Catching up on posts during Christmas?

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For as long as I can remember, my family has had a Christmas Eve party. Growing up we looked forward to it for months because it meant that we got to eat an entire meal of just snackies! Similar to Snacksgiving, but with WAY more of a spread.

Remember last year? Recap post here. Well this year was WAY better. Both my sisters were in town, my twin bro, my BIL, and ALL my nieces and nephews, including ‘Lil Gluten Loves Me. I was so excited that our whole family was together, that I thought we needed something special. :)

gluten free 054

Matching snowflake aprons!

My mom made her famous punch again, and my brother brought a little something special to fill our cups with joy.

gluten free 043

G Sake. And it was good! However my brother and I did have a disagreement about caramel coloring in ginger ale. Are you guys aware of this controversy? My brother has completely cut it out,  but I find the research to all say that it could be safe and some say that it is safe. It’s one of those grey areas, just like maltodextrin. Anyway, back to punch.

gluten free 045

It was dope. We’re calling it Sake it to me Punch. Big improvement on last year.

Another big improvement on last year, is that this year, EVERYTHING was gluten free! The entire spread.

gluten free 047

Including my contribution, Creamy Tangy Pasta Salad. One can mexicorn, one bottle creamy italian, one jar banana peppers, and one bag GF noodles. Simple!

My bestie also made my brother his favorite GF sausage balls, and GF ham roll ups.

gluten free 059

My sister, always a jokester. Blog interference. Classic.

It was so nice to be able to enjoy everything that was being offered, and without the fear of cross contamination. I even brought Glutino crackers instead of Nut Thins, so that my bestie could partake; she has a severe nut allergy.

gluten free 049

However, EVERY.SINGLE.CRACKER. in the box was broken! Cracker fail.

But it didn’t really matter. The night was perfectly unperfect.

Does your family have Christmas Eve traditions? Maybe you also have an entire meal of just snackies? :)


I’m off to hopefully buy a new vacuum cleaner! Parrish and I are thinking about adding to our Fur Family, but we need a new vacuum first! I want The Animal so bad!!!


Michele said...

Ha! I didn't know Bud went GF. Takin' the Marlows, one by one. RE: vacuum: my parents got me a GREAT one last year...I'll tell her to tell you what they got me. Or I'll try to look when I get home. Sake is my FAVE and I am exploding with envy over the beer. My nearest hook-up is in Atlanta, and they are ALWAYS out of the Green's dark beer. I mean a-l-w-a-y-s. I hope you finally make it to Inman next month and I get to see my famous blogger cousin in action.

Farty Girl said...

Wow. I love the feeling of family togetherness that comes across in this post! It looks like you had a great time!!!