Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Start to a Perfect Day


There are certain ingredients to a perfect day off, and dependent on the time of year, those ingredients can change. BUT on a winter day like today, when it is 20 degrees outside, and the wind is blowing bitter cold air, I know exactly how to start a perfect day.

a day off 042

Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl

a day off 045

Candy Cane Kisses

a day off 034

And really hot coffee with WAY more cream than you would normally allow yourself

That’s how I’m starting my morning :) Super cozy and super SLOWLY. Just what I needed after working a 9 day stretch. And since today and tomorrow are my last days off until Christmas Day, I really need to soak it up.

And slow mornings are so rare, I may even have myself a second a cup of hot coffee. Plus I really love my mug. I’m always wishing for snow. Just like this past Saturday:

a day off 003

a day off 006

a day off 007

We had ourselves a little snow surprise. It was the perfect amount. It didn’t stick to the roads and it was gone by Monday!

Alright off to start Gossip Girl! I hope you’re having a wonderful day off or on!


Lori P said...

I agree, Gossip Girl is delicious. And those kisses - I've never seen them. Must check those out.

Farty Girl said...

Everyone's getting snow except us up here in PA! Jealous! Btw I always fill my teas with tons of milky creamy goodness. It makes everything taste better! :)