Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Planet Beer: A Review


I loved the comments on this past post about gluten free group meals. It seems I’m not the only one that has an amazing family!

cbe said...

Yes, I do sometimes feel like a hassle... In the worst moments, it will sometimes make me stay home rather than risk being a bother or having to eat my bag of trail mix and explain gluten intolerance for the millionth time.
But then there are people like your family who take care of you anyway, and that means the world. My dad will usually show me what he's done before he serves the food ("See - here's your special cutting board, and I read this jar of spices..." etc.). It's amazing. And it means SOOOO much!

Sam said...

Supportive family is great! My in-laws made Thanksgiving all gluten free for me, and I worked with my mom and my grandma to make Christmas all gluten free. During Christmas dinner my aunt and uncle were surprised to find the meal was gluten free. They said they had thought I was starving having to be GF. :) They aren't worried about me anymore!


Kathleen said...

It's nice to have in-laws who understand. My husband's family is Latin American, so most of their food is corn or rice based, with few gluten products. This year my sister made a gluten free Christmas cake for dessert. My son ate so much at dinner that he didn't want the cake and the rest of us scarfed it down!

And Farty Girl thanks for the non-food related comment Smile


Remember that really awesome Christmas present from my hubby?

gluten free 074

Woo hoo! Well last night was the taste test and….

Beer lovers rejoice!

gluten free 049

These are real beers!

gluten free 035

3R Raspberry on the left, Tread Lightly Ale on the right

gluten free 048

The Raspberry was definitely my FAVORITE, although the Tread lightly was really good too. BUT when was the last time you had a flavored beer?! It reminded me a lot of an Abita Strawberry beer I tasted…3 years ago?!

The 3R Raspberry is smooth, clean but with a hint of fruitiness. Just the tiniest bit of fruit flavor with only a bit of sweetness. SUPER REFRESHING! Love it!

And at 22 oz.

gluten free 050

there was more than enough to share! (Or not)

The Tread Lightly Ale is such a great beer…you’ll think it has gluten in it!

gluten free 036

My first comment was “It tastes like a REAL beer!” As opposed to fake beer…I know, I know. But it has such an amazing flavor. I mean, I LOVE Redbridge. A lot. BUT it always ends up being a little sweet and having that sorghum tinge. Tread Lightly has neither. Crisp. Smooth. Beer-y. REFRESHING!!

Want New Planet Beer?


BUT….bring in the disappointed groans

gluten free 037

and only sold in Colorado. Sad smile FOR NOW. I’m completely confident that this beer will get a larger distribution if that’s where New Planet wants to take it. I understand the beauty of being small, so I support them. PLUS I totally intend to bribe Think Outside the Breadbox to send me more 3R Raspberry.

So that’s my review! And just in case I didn’t already make you jealous enough…I’m gonna rub salt in the wound. I enjoyed my beer with a GIANT slice of

gluten free 056

Mellow Mushroom gluten free pizza

I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I love you; I promise. Come visit me and I’ll take you out for pizza and beer. Or PF Chang’s, your call! Red heart


Becky said...

Thanks, I may be going to Colorado soon and will definitely look for this! I love beer and the lack of choices in gluten-free beers is frustrating. I admit to becoming a cider drinker just for some variety. Have you tried Estrella Damm Daura, a gluten-free beer from Spain? I had it in a restaurant here in Atlanta, and now my Publix store carries it. It is good, a little heavier than Redbridge. My favorite is a local brew pub, 5 Seasons, that has gluten-free beer on draft. It's so awesome to order a pint, for $4 no less.

Marlow said...

Becky- I haven't tried that beer. Rumor is that it could contain a trace ppm of gluten. But if you tried it and had no problems then that's great! I have also become a cider drinker and really love one in particular, Original Sin. There is a restaurant here in Durham that serves it on tap!

funnyhaha said...

Awesome review, although I LURVE Red Barn (is that the right name?) For me, it just tastes so light, but still 'beer-y'. Although, I must admit, my beer lovin' husband doesn't have the same love as me. :)

Unknown said...

Daura is 6ppm which is below the 20ppm that most consider acceptable. I'm not a fan of the Daura as I like a lighter brew.
I do feel pretty lucky to live in Colorado.
New Planet should be coming out with an IPA soon as well- I'm excited to try it. We'll have to find a way to get you some as well!

Unknown said...

What does it mean, exactly, to "Lurve" something? I swear, people love to make up their own words on the internet.