Monday, December 6, 2010

Do as I say…


…not as I do.

Friday night I made a common mistake. And friends, I’m still paying the price. I was glutened, and I knew it was happening. It was such a silly thing…here it goes.

Parrish and I had plans with some friends in Carrboro to go see a show. We made a date to meet up for drinks at one of our favorite restaurants. Since it was soon after I got off of work, we decided to have supper there as well.

I have eaten at this restaurant over a dozen times. Each time was delicious and completely gluten free. And I pretty much always order the exact same thing. I order the steak frites without sauce (the sauce has blue cheese) and no salad because the dressing is actually MADE with beer. Each time I order I always mention, “and could you let the chef know that I’m allergic to wheat and gluten. Just so they know. Thanks”  I always add in “wheat” to my little spiel; I find that it helps give the kitchen a visual! :)

But last Friday I ordered my order, asked for no salad and no sauce, but skipped the spiel.

I have NO idea why. Maybe I was tired. Maybe I was starving. Maybe I felt too safe. Who knows. But it was just plain stupid…and it was just the beginning.

And so my meal was delivered to me with the salad. Amazing what will happen if you just say you wouldn’t like it, not that you’re allergic. (Reminds me of a certain Sex and the City episode regarding some parsley)

Stupid decision number two: I didn’t send it back.

What was I thinking?!

I pulled the salad off the plate, any food touching the salad, and then literally wiped the plate clean. And even after I wiped it, I still didn’t let my food cross the border. Like that made any difference!? Really?

Ugh. Glutened. And once again, it was my own dang fault.

Fogginess? Check. Diarrhea Everything? Check. Bloating? Check.

But no migraines, so I’m happy for that. 

So to cheer us all up. I thought I would share our Christmas tree!

fancy 020


fancy 034


We went a different route this year, and only used our decorations that are gold, bronze, burnt orange, and deep purple.

fancy 023

fancy 025

fancy 029

fancy 024

I’m really loving it this year. I think it’s the biggest tree yet!!


Jen said...

Yuck, that sucks!! The stomach issues suck but I have to say, the brain fog and moodiness that I go through are the worst. I hope you feel better soon, the tree looks great!

Rachel said...

Bummer! We're so careful, so border-line neurotic and then something simple like that gets us. Hope you're back to your usual self soon!

GF Gidget said...

I understand! Sometimes it just feels like I'm being a big hypochondriacal pain in the butt. Then, I get glutened and it's proof that we have to be overly careful! Feel better soon friend!

Courtney said...

So sad... I hate being the obnoxious one at the restaurant (and sometimes, bless him, my husband will do it for me when I'm sick of doing it myself...), but when I don't speak up I always, always end up regretting it. Hope you're back to normal by now!