Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Collini Christmas Supper


For the past few years, Parrish’s brother Morgan and his wife Liz have been gracious enough (and brave enough) to host friends and family at their house for Christmas supper. I look forward to it all week because BOTH of Parrish’s brothers are AMAZING in the kitchen. Remember too much pork?

This year the Collinis decided to go Italian, and I’ll admit I was disappointed. Italian means pasta, bread, meatballs…all of which aren’t typically gluten free. Hesitant, I asked Parrish to breach the subject, and see if I should just bring my own food. With a house full of mouths to feed, that last thing I wanted to do was be a bother.

Do you ever feel like that? I mean my gluten free diet is definitely high maintenance, and while I appreciate my family and friends making adjustments for me, I get scared that I’m a HUGE hassle.

So Parrish asked his brother if I should plan on my own, and he said absolutely not. He had bought gluten free noodles, and he was fully prepared.

gluten free 022

Was he ever. I had my own individual bowl of gluten free noodles with FRESHLY MADE pasta sauce. Nothing like fresh made pasta sauce that had been cooking for 6 hours. Served with GLUTEN FREE buffalo MEATBALLS!! The meatballs were amazing. I wanted to crawl inside and live there. forever. they were delicious.

gluten free 023

I thought about licking my plate….several times.

And I’ll be honest with you guys, it really touched me. My family had a house FULL of folks, and they took the time to make food that was safe for me to eat. But it shouldn’t surprise me. Parrish’s family has always been accommodating to me being gluten free. :) Can you tell I love my in-laws?

My vote is Italian every year!

After Christmas supper, Parrish and I did something…CRAZY! We went to our neighborhood bar and played pool.

gluten free 052

We were literally a block away from our house when I suggested it. I figured, that as a newlywed couple, we’re only going to have a few Christmases without kids…so why not!

The bar was surprisingly busy, but we played a few games and had a great time! By the time we left around 9:30, it was just starting to snow. So we took Max on a snow walk.

gluten free 087

White Christmas in NC!

Little did we know, it was just the BEGINNING. You may have heard about the snowstorm that hit the east coast. We go off pretty easy compared to others, with only around 5-6 inches.


Tonight we’re getting gluten free Mellow Mushroom to have with our New Planet Beer! Look for a review tomorrow! :)


Gluten Free Jesus Freak said...

Yes, I do sometimes feel like a hassle... In the worst moments, it will sometimes make me stay home rather than risk being a bother or having to eat my bag of trail mix and explain gluten intolerance for the millionth time.

But then there are people like your family who take care of you anyway, and that means the world. My dad will usually show me what he's done before he serves the food ("See - here's your special cutting board, and I read this jar of spices..." etc.). It's amazing. And it means SOOOO much!

Sam said...

Supportive family is great! My in-laws made Thanksgiving all gluten free for me, and I worked with my mom and my grandma to make Christmas all gluten free. During Christmas dinner my aunt and uncle were surprised to find the meal was gluten free. They said they had thought I was starving having to be GF. :) They aren't worried about me anymore!

Kathleen said...

It's nice to have in-laws who understand. My husband's family is Latin American, so most of their food is corn or rice based, with few gluten products. This year my sister made a gluten free Christmas cake for dessert. My son ate so much at dinner that he didn't want the cake and the rest of us scarfed it down!

Farty Girl said...

That green coat looks gorgeous on you! I know that's not a foodie comment, but I had to say it! :)