Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Update: Part Une


It’s a Saturday night, around 6:45. You’ve just gotten home from a long day at work, and your significant other suggests that instead of cooking the two of you head over to a local burger joint: Only Burger. You agree because not only do you really not want to cook, but Only Burger is awesome and they make a burger lettuce wrap.

You arrive at Only Burger and the line is nearly out the door. You quickly check your twitter, because you follow them of course, and realize that it’s a celebration night for the Only Burger crew and all single burgers are half price. The crowd is in good spirits, so you decide to wait. PLUS you can smell the burgers by now. You’re hooked.

You place your order and sit down at the tiny bar to wait. The kitchen is hard at work. It’s just past 7:30 now, and you’re getting REALLY hungry. But you sip your fizzy water and watch the chefs, amazed by how quickly they turn over orders.

You notice the owner of Only Burger coming up front. He’s a really nice guy and he’s chatting up the usual customers, when you hear him say something…amazing… to a woman in line. “Would you like to go see Anthony Bourdain tonight in Raleigh? I have two free tickets and I can’t make it!” , he jokes and gestures to the crowd. The woman crinkles her face. “Nah”, she says, “We have plans.”

You and your significant other GASP, in all honesty, quite a bit louder than you meant to. The girl beside you says you should tell him you want to go. And immediately your face flushes. You are, contrary to popular belief, actually quite shy, and the opportunity for embarrassment keeps you quiet. So the girl beside you steps in. “They want to go.” she yells and gestures to you and your hunny.

The owner smiles. “You wanna go?” And you nod profusely. Yes. Yes. Yes. You want to go. And he hands over the tickets. “Have a good time.”

mish mosh 035

And that is how you get to go see Anthony Bourdain for free, in a moments notice. Well, that is how Parrish and I were able to go see Anthony Bourdain Saturday night for free!

And how we made it from South Durham to Downtown Raleigh in 20 minutes…I’ll never know. But it was a night of miracles.

And the man. No surprise.


An inspiration. One of the best story tellers with some of the best stories. His retelling of a trip to Russia nearly had me in tears.

It was truly a great night; a memory of a lifetime. And a date night that Parrish and I will treasure.

And the burger. No surprise. It was delicious, as always.



butterfinger brownies 006

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Katie C. said...

You deserve that with all the props you give Only Burger! What a great story. Glad it was fun.

Jen said...

HOLY WOW OMG WHAT???? That is the awesomest story I've ever heard, what an opportunity!!!!!!!

Finally catching up on your blog :)

Oh, and I just posted about that Bisquick. I want it. I can't find it anywhere!!!!!