Tuesday, November 2, 2010

US of A


This morning I exercised my right as a citizen of the United States, and I went to my local polling place and voted.

voting 002

I was reading through blogs this afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised by how many bloggers had went to vote! While it’s not an election that decides our president, it is an election that decides more local government. Senators are SUPER important.

On a side note about senators, Parrish recently had the opportunity to meet our elected officials from NC. One of the non-profits he works with is advocating for school based health centers. There was a rally in DC, and he and his youth were able to meet and speak with our local big dawgs. It was pretty neat to hear about how one senator met with them and really sat down and listened…and how another senator kept them waiting only to send a rude assistant to break the appointment. Priorities.

After voting I took a MUCH NEEDED morning at the grocery store and restocked our kitchen. I was excited to see pomegranates on sale at Harris Teeter! Anyone have a favorite way to eat them?

After the grocery store I had the day off, so I came back home and lounged around the house. It was awesome! I watched this past week’s Gossip Girl (OMG) and caught up on some house projects.

Parrish had hung our picture ledge this past weekend, and so I filled a few frames.

voting 004

I’ll get detail shots posted tomorrow. I like the photos I chose, BUT I was really disappointed this picture

1st of November 001

wouldn’t fit in the frames! These are 6 of my EIGHT bridesmaids. You may remember that they each wore the same dress but in a different color. So pretty. A few ladies ended up having to get different colors than originally planned and it actually turned out for the best! I LOVE the colors represented that day. Too bad the picture was too small for the frames.

Who knew the IKEA frames I bought weren’t 4x6…but actually 4 3/4 X 6 3/4 !!

We’re still in the process of getting lots of our wedding pictures back, but I’ll share them as we get them. Like this one that is in the middle frame:

1st of November 002

dubbed “The Runaway Bride”. You can’t really tell in this small pic, but I was actually walking through a HUGE field to this tiny patch of sunlight. I ended up with SEVERAL grasshoppers in my dress after this shot. :)

**************And I’m off to bed!! We’re having a bit of a cold snap here in NC, and my flannel sheets are calling my name!!


Laura said...

I love the photo frame display. What a clever idea!

Both those photos are lovely :) Looks like your wedding day was beautiful!

Allie said...

love the sneak peek of pics! and i LOVE that photo of you in the field!!!

gossip girl was SO good this week too!