Saturday, November 6, 2010



All day Friday I was at an off-site sale in Pittsboro, NC. I was pretty excited to make the trip because I knew I would be driving past one of my favorite food co-ops, Chatham Marketplace.

For the past few weeks I have been searching for a honeycrisp apple that isn’t the size of a softball and genetically modified. I knew CM would hook me up!

toast 001

I love this apple! It’s crisp and juicy…a little tart a little sweet…NOT mealy.


I really love doing off-site sales, even though they’re exhausting. But with perks like these:

toast 003

it pretty much balances out. Handmade LOCAL relish, meaning that I was able to shake the hand of the farmer who grew it and made it! I have some pretty lucky family members who are going to get to share in this joy! :)

I wish I had more to share with you from today, but my Saturday was pretty simple. I had to work all day and I woke up a little late. I had to forgo oatmeal… :( but my toast made it up to me.

toast 012

Rudi’s multi-grain gluten free bread with a dab of real butter and smooshed raspberry jam

toast 018

Crispy. Buttery. Sweet. Satisfying.


I am SO EXCITED to be off tomorrow! And thanks to a sweet little gift I received in the mail today, I will be baking a BIG surprise tomorrow. I can’t wait to share it!!