Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling Fancy?


A few weeks ago I was listening to Morning Edition on NPR I heard Dorie Greenspan describing a dish from her new cookbook Around My French Table. She calls it Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good and I think that it really describes the dish perfectly.

Basically you take a small pumpkin,

fall day 039

or two, and clean it out,

fall day 043

Then stuff it

fall day 050

with a mixture made up of gluten free bread (I used Udi’s), heavy cream, cheese, bacon, and garlic. I omitted the nutmeg due to my own personal flavor palette, and I actually used half of the heavy cream it called for and substituted skim milk. It worked great! I also shredded the cheese instead of cubing, which I didn’t realize was a mistake until writing this post. It seemed fine, but I could see how cubing would be great too!

fall day 045

And then you bake it slowly, until the pumpkin essentially bakes in to submission and the bubbly, cheesy stuffing browns and turns golden.

fall day 056

You can read the full recipe here.

After you read it. Make it.

fall day 070

It sounds fancy. Looks fancy. But it’s dangerously easy to make and INCREDIBLY delicious. The cooked pumpkin is incredibly creamy and nutty, with the saltiness of the bacon. Mmmm…

It may even be better than the brie stuffing I made a few years ago! Although…that brie stuffing is REALLY good.

But these pumpkins…

fall day 062

Let’s just call it a tie :)


What sort of stuffing will you be eating on Thursday?

I want to try out Jill’s stuffing so that I can make it for my brother at Thanksgiving. He’s new to being gluten free and he used to LOVE Stove Top.


Ali said...

I think I just drooled on my desk.

Even though I'm not a bacon girl, this is getting added to my "Must Try" list.


Allie said...


For reals? YUM.

I'm making that after thanksgiving whilst still in a stretchy-pant-state!

Anonymous said...

Did you double the recipe since you stuffed 2 pumpkins? That looks heavenly and I really want to try to make it!

Marlow said...

I didn't double it. And actually, so long as the bread is moist, you can switch it up anyway you want!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! One more question - how much Udi's bread did you use? The recipe says 1/4lb and one loaf is 12 oz, so did you just use 1/3 of a loaf? That doesn't seem like much, so I wanted to double check!

Michele said...

I made your sausage balls (well, I used the same link to the one you use) and they were SO GOOD. Lasted all of five seconds at my Friendsgiving party. I didn't have any fresh parsley, but I added paprika, onion salt and herbs de provence. They were insanely good. Some poor other person also brought sausage balls, and had to take most of them home.

Farty Girl said...

I've heard it's super hard to cook things in pumpkins... so you are certifiably AMAZING in the world of culinary expertise. It's true! Nicely done!!!

ME said...

I want you to know that I saw this recipe and just had to make it. I made it for my halloween party on saturday... and it went so fast I didn't even get to take any pics! Ok, truthfully I forgot... but it really did disappear and everyone raved about how gorgeous and yummy it was! Thanks!!