Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Best Way


to start a day!

Both Parrish and I had to work late tonight, and so we both started late this morning! It was the perfect morning to sleep in too. It was cloudy and rainy. Perfect snooze weather.

We even had time to eat breakfast together. I made our current favorite: Gluten Free Waffles

breakfast 057

I LOVE our teeny waffle maker we received as a wedding gift. It makes the PERFECT sized waffles. And I LOVE gluten free Bisquick. I add in a dash of vanilla to my batter and it really kicks it up in flavor. I don’t love that one box only makes two batches of waffles :( Although, $4.99 for breakfast for two people for two days isn’t that bad…is it? Either way, this is the 4th box I’ve bought and it’s already on the list for next week :)


Big news from Cheeseburger in Paradise! Much thanks to Shades for the heads up!

Did you miss my review of Gluten Hates Me goes to Paradise? Check it out here!

Reader Shades’ wife contacted CiP about carrying a gluten free bun to compliment their totally AWESOME GF menu. Here was their response:

Thanks for contacting Cheeseburger in Paradise regarding our Gluten Free Program. You'll be happy to know, that a Gluten Free bun is something we have been working on for quite some time now. We take our quality very seriously, and we never wanted to offer a GF bun just to have one. We wanted to make sure that the GF bun we offered is something we would eat ourselves. Recently we believe we have found that bun. Some of us even preferred it to our house bun. Now that we've found the right recipe, we are working on someone who can produce this bun for us for all 32 of our locations. It shouldn't be long. We look forward to exceeding your dietary needs in the future. Thank you very much for making Cheeseburger in Paradise your restaurant of choice!
Warm Regards,
Your Friends at CiP

Woo hoo!!! Big Ups to CiP! Maybe they could talk to Cracker Barrel for us ;)


Wendy said...

That's so funny, I think that's the first thing you've ever posted and said you like that I didn't like. GF Bisquick. I think it is way too much just rice flour. The pancakes weren't so bad (but not as good as Pamaela's to me and hubby). But the Chicken and dumplings I made were gritty, just like most mixes with too much rice flour.
I'm very glad you like it though!

It is nice when you and your hubby can have a nice breakfast together. I'm spoiled, it's something Stuart and I get to do nearly every day since we work from home. (well he works, I'm trying.)

Happy Cooking.

funnyhaha said...

Damn, that bacon looks GOOD!

Jennifer said...

I was very pleased with GF Bisquick. The only thing I ever made with regular Bisquick was pancakes and waffles and the GF Bisquick pancakes were really good (kids liked them better than King Arthur Flour GF pancake mix, but it's a toss up for me.

But I was super thrilled with the GF Bisquick as a replacement for wheat flour in making chicken fried steak. It was the best of 3 different breadings I did and tasted like normal CF steak to me! (Just "flour-egg-flour" salted and peppered tenderized cube steak and pan fry 3 mins each side. Mmmmm!)

janieliz19 said...

I'm a little late to the game on this post (catching up on google reader...) but I got my gfree Bisquick on Amazon through their Subscribe and Save thing and it was a little cheaper... closer to $4 a box, and it just appears at your front door ;)