Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wine is for Lovers


Since I told you guys about our favorite seafood spot, I realized that I really need to tell you guys about our favorite dessert spot on our honeymoon! And by dessert…

honeymoon! 140

I mean wine.

There is an awesome little wine bar in Sandestin that we just couldn’t resist.

honeymoon! 144

Lumpy’s Wine Bar :) Who can resist a dog?! Certainly not us. PLUS there was a great deal on wine flights.

honeymoon! 139

I love small cozy wine bars that aren’t pretentious or schmoozy. The owner was really nice and there were huge leather sofas.

honeymoon! 137

And the wine was tasty! We started with a white that was so good I forgot the name. Nah. It was just fine. We’re not super white wine drinkers. But the reds, the reds

honeymoon! 141

were the jam. I should have been a good food blogger and made notes about what I was tasting and my thoughts but I didn’t. I was on my honeymoon!! And for as much as I LOVE thinking, talking, and writing about food sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy each other’s company.

honeymoon! 143

Which is what I’m going to do right now! NC is enjoying some AWESOME weather right now and Parrish is making a fire in the outdoor chiminea.

Cozy :) Embracing the season!

I hope you guys are getting a sweet taste of autumn. I know Theresa isn’t; it’s almost summer in New Zealand :) Are you embracing the season where you live?


Theresa said...

Haha, I'm enjoying the sweet taste of SPRING! (just trying to rub that in... hehe) We're planning our first BBQ of the season this week :D

Lori P said...

I am definitely embracing the season! Congrats on your recent marriage! Yes my dear, wine is tops on the dessert list - and add to that comfy leather sofas and a sweet, handsome hubby! Sounds splendid.

P.S. I'm having giveaways all this week for my anniversary and I REALLY want my regular readers to win things, so be sure to check it out.

Have a great week!